Comic Con 2016 Report: Grimm


On the third day of Comic Con, the cast and creative minds behind the NBC fairytale drama Grimm took to the stage to talk about the show and its upcoming (albeit shortened) sixth season. The panelists included David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bree Turner, Claire Coffee, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee as well as executive producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt.

Before the discussion got started a season five sizzle reel was shown, reminding viewers of all the action that took place last season. This led to David and Sasha being asked about the showdown between Nick and Renard that is more than likely to happen given the way the show ended earlier this year. At first the men joked that were will be a lot of sexual tension; but then they both agreed that there has been tension between the two of them since the pilot and David shared that it “can get more intense.” Fans are definitely in for one hell of a ride when the show returns.

The love triangle between Juliette (aka Eve) and Adalind will still be an issue when the show returns and David joked – when asked – that he “wants to be with the women (who is) less likely to kill him.”

As for Bree and Silas, they were asked how Rosalee and Monroe are going to handle being parents. Silas inferred that Monroe will be “fretting and be really, really worried.” He further stated that “it’s the best news in the worst of times” for them and “it’s a bad time to be pregnant when the entire city is after you.”

Reggie was then asked what it is like for his character now that he is clearly more than human. He shared “what isn’t fun about this part…Wu finally feels (he has a) sense of power.” He then continued that “I don’t want this to go away…(as I am) ecstatic about this new power.”

When Claire was asked about Diana, she shared that the “real concern for Adalind (is that she has a) parenting challenge with Diana…Adalind needs to be firm with Diana…(but it’s a) very fine line.”

And Russell was asked about Hank not having much luck with love and he shared that “conflict is fun” and when asked if we will see Zuri again, he shared that “we didn’t see her die, she may come back.” Does that sound telling at all to you?

While there were no spoilers given out during the panel – except that David will be directing the third episode of the new season – they were asked what they were most excited about with Sasha sharing he is “looking forward to being the adversary”; Claire just wants to see Diana on a swing set (being a normal little girl); Bree can’t wait for the baby; David wants to see a Renard melee and Bitsie wants to see Juliette/Eve express some remorse for all she has done.

‘Grimm’ is expected to return for its sixth season on NBC on October 28.