Comic Con 2016 Report: Orphan Black

Orphan Black

In their final appearance at Comic Con, as the acclaimed series Orphan Black will be coming to an end, cast members Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Kristian Bruun, Kevin Hanchard and Kathryn Alexandre (who plays opposite Tatiana as her clone stand-in and Alexis, the Prolethean midwife and preschool teacher from seasons 2 and 3) as well as executive producers Graeme Manson and John Fawcett took to the stage to talk about the show.

To kick things off the right way, a special sizzle reel video was screened, taking a look back at season four and beyond. At the end Tatiana joked that she has “made out with a lot of different people on this show.” That also brought about a discussion of how season four went back to delve into Beth’s backstory, the journey that led her to take her life and start the rollercoaster ride for Sarah Manning and the rest of the clones. In fact, Graeme stated that creating that whole backstory was the “hardest thing we did in the writer’s room.” And John chimed in that “Beth had clues to the mystery that they needed.”

Jordan was then asked about the introduction of Felix’s biological sister Adele and he shared that it was “awesome” and that he had a “concept meeting with (John and Graeme) where they talked about what if” scenarios and that was how Adele was born. This then brought up the mini mashed potato food fight between Felix and Sarah. Both Graeme and John wanted it to be an “epic Animal House food fight,” but it kept getting smaller and smaller until it was simply the “flick” of the mashed potatoes that was aired.

Kristian was then asked about filming the prison scenes to which he joked he called the show, “Orphan Is the New Black,” and he shared it was “very scary” walking through the prison cafeteria, but he joked “the food was delicious”

Kathryn was then asked what a typical day is like for her, playing opposite Tatiana. She shared that “sometimes I’m just in a wig…but usually (the choreography) is pretty planned out.” She also joked that it is quite fun for her and her family to watch the episodes to try to figure out if it is her hand or back being seen in different scenes.

When asked about the storyline about Delphine, John and Graeme both shared that “it was always planned for Delphine to return,” but they had to lie so much as to not reveal that big spoiler that it became difficult for them. “We couldn’t tell anyone,” they both quipped. They also shared that it is “exciting getting her back.”

While they wouldn’t reveal much of anything for the fifth and final season, John and Graeme shared that P.T. Westmoreland, the founder of Neolution, is somehow still alive and will be a big focus on the last season. John also joked he would love to see a Halloween or Christmas special of the show with Kevin stating the special could be called “A Very Helena Christmas.”

John and Graeme also shared that BBC America was the only network that would take a chance on the show initially and when it came to the casting process they knew it was going to be essential to find the right actress to play all of the clones and it was “a unanimous decision” to select Tatiana. She and Jordan also then shared that they knew they had something special in their rehearsal (during the audition process), “there was a sense we knew each other even though we hadn’t met before,” shared Tatiana.

An official airdate for the final season of ‘Orphan Black’ has yet to be announced by BBC America, but it is expected to return in 2017.