Comic Con 2016 Report: American Gods

American Gods

In 2017, the much anticipated drama American Gods, based on the novel by the one and only Neil Gaiman, will debut on Starz; and on the second day of Comic Con 2016, several of the cast members – Bruce Langley, Yetide Bodaki, Pablo Schreiber, Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane – as well as executive producers Bryan Fuller, Michael Green and David Slade and the author himself took to the stage to talk about this series.

Naturally the first question was directed toward Neil, asking how American Gods the novel came to be. He shared that back in 1999 he was on a train from Chicago to San Diego to attend that year’s Comic Con and he wrote the first chapter of the book at that time. He also shared that when it came time, he was “hardline” about the racial makeup of the casting and there was no whitewashing push-back by the studio.

The executive producers were then asked if it is necessary for viewers to read the book before the show debuts next year, and Michael said that at “some point they should read it,” but Bryan joined in saying that “viewers can do whatever they want – read the book then watch the show or watch the show and then read the book.”

When asked what drew them to their respective roles in the show, Pablo said “it all starts with the book and that’s why you get involved.” He also shared that fantasy is not his “normal genre to play (in); it’s something new to me, (but) it’s fascinating. Bruce then chimed in that “the writing is so great, and that to play with such titans is an honor.”

Neil informed the audience that he was very involved in the casting process and shared that Ricky actually auditioned 16 times for the lead role of Shadow and Ricky chimed in that “they really made me work for it.”

Ian then shared that his role of Mr. Wednesday is a “part…that only comes along once in a while,” but he didn’t have to go through the grueling auditioning like Ricky because he simply received a phone call from executive producer Bryan Fuller.

Part of the way through the panel, Bryan was asked about two people dressed as the Easter bunny who were standing near the stage. He shared that the bunnies were a representation of an Easter Egg they were going to reveal during the panel: actress Kristin Chenoweth will portray the Goddess Easter in the show. However, that was the only spoiler that was given except for Neil saying that “if you loved (a particular scene) in the book, it’ll probably be on the screen.”

‘American Gods’ will debut on Starz in 2017, but an official airdate has yet to be announced.