Outcast “The Damage Done” Review (Season 1 Episode 7)

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On the latest episode of “Outcast,” confrontation was the name of the game, be it confronting one’s own demons- or trying to get others to do the same- in the aptly-titled “The Damage Done.”

As the Reverend tried his best to recover from Sydney’s attack, life went on as per usual in Rome, much to his chagrin- and anger. After an initial attempt to roll with it, via his typical poker game, which itself erupted into chaos after the Chief pushed Ogden a bit harder than he should have, it was clear that Anderson was a pot waiting to boil over- and that time was nigh.

As the town “celebrated” Remembrance Day, a gathering Anderson himself had facilitated and lobbied hard for, Anderson finally reached his wits’ end and confronted the townspeople about what many of them knew to be true and were too scared to admit to themselves: there was something dreadfully wrong going on in Rome and the time had come to address it for what it was.

Of course, many remained in active denial, with even Megan- who knows a thing or two about confronting evil herself- dismissing him as a crazy person, despite the “evidence” at hand, as Anderson not only showed everyone what Sydney did to him with the carving in his chest, but pointed him out in the crowd, dubbing Sydney the Devil himself.

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It remains to be seen who will believe him, but as Kyle later pointed out, the Reverend did himself no favors by ranting like a crazy person in his Remembrance Day speech in front of practically the whole town. I suspect more will buy into what he’s saying than Kyle thinks, though.

As we saw, the Devil’s numbers are continuing to swell, as evidenced with the woman Kyle came into contact with, flinching away from his touch. I’m willing to bet that there’s plenty more where that came from. The question is, how will Kyle and the Reverend root them out, and now that Anderson showed his hand, will Sydney more actively seek to take him and Kyle down?

I can definitely see Sydney gathering up his forces, not only in Rome, but elsewhere, to combat the ones lined up against him, which- let’s face it- at this point are limited to only two people, really. All the more easy and better to take them both down before their own numbers swell, right?

However, it’s not as easy as that. While I’m not sure Anderson might not be expendable, I’m almost positive that Sydney himself said that Kyle was essential to the upcoming “Merge,” whatever that is. That’s why he took out Mildred- for trying to take out Kyle, intentionally or not. I’m not sure Kyle knows that yet, though.

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If Kyle realizes that he’s not only key to the process, but essential, he might be able to use that to his advantage. After all, if everyone is under orders to not harm him, Sydney himself might take out one of his own to avoid any harm coming to Kyle before the “Merge.” Hell, he already has.

On the other hand, it’s not as if Kyle is invulnerable. Not only are there demons out there all too willing to ignore Sydney’s warnings to make sure no harm comes to Kyle, but it’s not as if Kyle doesn’t have loved ones, including estranged ex Alison, daughter Amber and sister Megan. It would be just as easy to put any or all of them in harm’s way, in order to put Kyle in check.

Either way, Kyle was right, in that, just like a good poker player, you’ve got to know when to play your cards right- and Anderson just showed his entire hand. Sure, it might do them some favors in the long run, but it might also do more harm than good, least of all in terms of the all-important support of the town. People are already wary of Kyle- now they’re wary of Anderson, too, thanks to that outburst.

On other fronts, Mark’s attack on Donnie inevitably came back to haunt him as, sure enough, the latter got ahold of the police video of Mark beating down Donnie and filed suit, even after Megan attempted to prematurely pay the deadbeat off. Now Megan wasted all her life savings, leaving them with nothing to fall back on, and with the lawsuit still pending and Mark suspended, the future isn’t looking bright for the Holters, to say the least.

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On the brighter side, sort of, Alison finally realized- or remembered, at least- the truth of what had happened with her and Kyle. As most of us suspected, Kyle hadn’t beaten down Ali for no good reason- he’d done so to protect his daughter Amber, who, as we saw, was being choked to death by her own mother, who was indeed possessed at the time.

No wonder Amber was so skittish about being left alone with her mother, and so confused about why her dad was the one sent away. You would be, too, if your own mother tried to choke you out. “I didn’t know which face to draw,” indeed. On the plus side, Amber confirmed that she saw the demon leave her mother’s body and that it didn’t hurt Amber, so there’s that. (Not sure how Kyle missed it, though- guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.)

That was about it for this week, save that Kyle shook hands with Ogden at the Chief’s behest, and nothing happened, so he isn’t possessed. However, Ogden did admit to the Chief later that he did indeed burn down the trailer- but with good reason, and that the Chief would do good to look the other way, if he knew what was good for the both of them. Might it be Lisa that is the one who is possessed and/or the serial killer?

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Either way, the Chief’s willingness to buy into Kyle’s powers on a certain level might bode well for his helping out Kyle and Anderson on down the road, so there’s that. They could certainly use the numbers, that’s for sure. Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see how many people show up to church next Sunday- if any- after the Reverend’s very public display.

All in all, a decent episode, but a largely uneventful one, in terms of propelling the plot forward at all, beyond Ali realizing what had really happened and making the debatable choice to leave Amber with Kyle. On the one hand, I get it, but on the other, it’s not as if Kyle’s the most stable person in the world- or that Amber will necessarily safe at his place, what with Sydney so close by. We shall see.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “Outcast”? Were you surprised by the revelation that it was Ali who attacked Amber? Or did you see that coming? Were you surprised that the Reverend flat-out told the town what was really going on? Do you think any of them will listen? What will Kyle and Anderson’s next move be? Make your predictions down below and see you next week!