Killjoys “Schooled” Review (Season 2 Episode 4)

Dutch and Johnny - Killjoys

Nothing like a sexually-charged training session to open an episode, huh? Killjoys once again gave us a fun episode that featured another creepy location and the return of Dutch’s aristocratic frenemy Delle Seyah. Throw in a twisty narrative, and “Schooled” makes for another solid season two entry.

Before the main action got started, I enjoyed the way this episode gave us a pair of mini-adventures for the crew. For Dutch and D’avin, it was a quick trip to Old Town to pick up the children for delivery to Prodigy. They were simple scenes, but they did a good job of again showing how rough things have gotten Westerley. Jake’s dad was being selfish trying to keep him around, but it’s understandable given how much he’s lost as a result of the Company.

John, meanwhile, took a quick trip to rescue Pawter, who found herself trapped out in the desert after escaping from Jelco. Again, there wasn’t much to the escape here, but it was just nice to see some of the smaller adventures that these characters get up to. Even better, it was nice to see John take a bit more of a central role this week. I’d still like to see him have as much going on as Dutch and D’avin, but between his rescue of Pawter and the way he talked down Olin at the end, it was a great episode for him.

Getting to the main action, Prodigy made for an appropriately disconcerting setting. Killjoys does a great job of putting its characters into unsettling, abandoned locations; the torture ship adventure in last year’s “A Glitch in the System” was a season one highlight. The addition of children makes any horror setting creepier, and while nothing overtly scary happened, it did a lot to keep me on edge.

The addition of familiar recurring faces Delle Seyah and Pawter was another highlight, especially given the shared history between them. In the case of Delle Seyah particularly, it was nice to finally see her knocked down a peg and put on the defensive. The relationship she has with Dutch is one of the most fascinating on the show, and as terrible as Delle Seyah is, it’s impossible to deny the chemistry the two share. And in the end, she seems to be coming around to actually helping the crew. Small, but important steps.

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