Comic Con 2016 Report: The Last Ship

The Last Ship S3

Day One of Comic Con 2016 found The Last Ship cast members Eric Dane, Bridget Regan and Adam Baldwin as well as executive producer Steven Kane taking to the convention stage to talk about the show’s current third season. The panel opened with an extended sneak peek of Sunday’s new episode followed by a moderated panel overseen by Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich.

The conversation started off with the panelists talking about how they have spent the first half of the current season being separated with Slattery and a number of the crew being held captive by Takehaya and his band of pirates. Despite the rough conditions for which the cast had to endure, Adam shared that he “liked working in the mud” while Eric mentioned that “it was weird and fractured” to have them separated for so long.

Bridget was then asked what it was like to bring her character Sasha into the show, sharing that her “favorite thing (about the show) is the amount of effort (put into) getting the Navy right.” They “fill these characters as realistically as they can.” There was also a discussion of how Sasha has seemingly reactivated certain sides of Chandler’s personality with Bridget stating that “in an early draft of a script Chandler was Sasha’s teacher at the Naval Academy and that’s what I’m working with.”

Steven then shared that they have received a lot of comments about the show from the lowest level people in the Navy all the way up to the Secretary of the Navy. In fact, the show was recently awarded the highest civilian honor – the distinguished civilian service award – and “we got a medal too,” which Steven joked he was going to wear to the panel, but didn’t.

While the cast members and Steven wouldn’t give away any spoilers about what will come up for the rest of the season, an exclusive trailer what to expect was shown, featuring the return of fan favorite character Tex and an intense action scene on a speeding train.

The next new episode of ‘The Last Ship’ will air on TNT on Sunday, July 24 at 9/8c.