Bones “The Nightmare in the Nightmare” Review (Season 11 Episode 22)

bones finale

Who would have ever guessed that we would see Zack Addy return in such a spectacularly evil fashion? The season 11 finale of Bones all put us on edge with the return of one of their own and one hell of a cliff hanger. How did all of this go down? Stick around and find out below.

Brennan’s Nightmares Become a Reality

Brennan’s nightmares aren’t the refuge and rubbish some doctors say swirl in our heads when we enter REM. It’s the real deal that becomes a reality when her and Booth make their way into a building that is about to get a demo. Inside is a sight most couldn’t get over – it’s a dead woman who looks like Brenna. She’s propped up in a classroom. Even more disturbing – she is wearing the clothes that Brennan donated to a shelter. Also found at the scene is a mix tape and a Bible.

The Vic

The deceased victim is a woman named Melissa Goodman, whose ex-husband quickly becomes a suspect. In typical Bones fashion, he isn’t the killer – the crew never gets the right guy or girl on the first shot. It also becomes more apparent that something else is going on when Hodgins finds remnants of Brennan’s favorite food in the teeth of the victim. Booth catches a lead and begins to target a newly released convict who likes to puppeteer. That’s a no-go. Then there is a shrink the victim was seeing for her paranoia and bad dreams – much like Brennan’s.

The Killer

Brennan, who begins seeing the good doctor, proves Booth’s suspicions wrong, the doctor couldn’t be the killer. She heads back to the Jeffersonian to look at the bones again while the whole gang gets an email from her to meet up at the Founder Father’s. The only problem – the email isn’t from Brennan. Before the close of the finale, we see Brennan on a couch with Zack Addy looming on the other side of a dark room. We are left with Brennan’s surprised face and Zack telling her that they have so much to talk about.

It’s going to be a long wait until next season!