Rizzoli & Isles “Dead Weight” Review (Season 7 Episode 7)


On an, ahem, explosive episode of “Rizzoli & Isles,” the team, sans Jane, investigated a case involving a seemingly spontaneously combusting biker while Rizzoli went off to Quantico to give a seminar to a group of FBI trainees about to graduate, in “Dead Weight.”

It’s always interesting when a show that typically does things a certain way mixes things up a bit and this was no different, as we not only got to see Frankie and Korsak team up together in Jane’s wake, but a surprising bit of action from an on-the-scene Isles as she helped take down the culprit in the end, showing that those fencing skills she’s been honing lately could be put to good use IRL after all.

The case itself was also moderately interesting, and unlike last week’s ghost-centric episode, which one would have thought would have been ripe for some easy laughs, this one had plenty of solidly funny lines, particularly from Jane, who was in fine snarky form.

Even better, we got to see her more personable side for the first time in a while, as she charmed a classful of trainees in a clever way. Well, okay, I should say MOST of them, as one proved a bit of a handful, leading Jane to take matters into her own hands and get the a-hole amongst them kicked out of the program for basically being a misogynistic d-bag. (Is that a contradiction in terms? If so, I apologize and lay off me, SJWs!)

The main case involved a guy who was joyriding around town, wreaking no shortage of havoc in the process, when an impromptu game of chicken with another driver led him to quite literally explode. However, it wasn’t the driver that caused it, as hard as it might be to believe, but rather what turned out to be a well-placed mixture of explosive homemade chemicals that was set to blow up in his water bottle if shaken too much.

Rizzoli 4

Well, shake it up he did, and boom did he go, in pretty spectacular fashion. As Jane put it, upon getting a glance at the victim’s hands and severed arms still attached to the handlebars of his bike: “Oh, it’s so gross- I can’t believe I’m missing it!” It was indeed grisly, but in the coolest of ways. That crime scene was certainly a mess to be reckoned with, that’s for sure.

The victim turned out to be an independently-wealthy young man with a kick-ass apartment stocked to the hilt with man-cave worthy stuff like old-school arcade games, nifty sculptures and all sort of other goodies- to say nothing of an ad-hoc meth lab in the back. Assuming that a run-in with a drug dealer got him killed, the team set their sights on a local dealer, whose DNA turned up at the scene, along with four others.

However, this proved to be a dead-end, but it did lead to an interesting lead, as they discovered that said dealer had lost a considerable amount of weight in a decidedly short amount of time. This led to a local plastic surgeon, who was later revealed to be dumping medical waste, including siphoned fat, into her dumpster outside, to save cash.

This, in turn, led to a hypothesis from Dr. Isles, who surmised that perhaps the fat was being used by the killer to make the bomb that had killed the victim, using the fat along with glycerine and an oxidizing agent. Relatively harmless stuff separated from one another, but put them together and things go boom after a fashion.

A look at security footage in the area the surgeon was dumping waste revealed a figure picking up the waste afterwards and taking it with them. Though a face couldn’t be seen, a car could and a look at the records of the DOT in the area led to the revelation that a car matching that description had been ticketed, which led to the identity of the driver.

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Turns out that the woman in question was a recovering drug addict who attended rehab with the victim, where they concocted a plan to go into business together making and selling meth instead of doing it. All was well until both figured out they didn’t need the other and tried to go into business on their own.

Then the woman took things one step further by putting the makeshift explosive in the victim’s water bottle and simply waiting for her would-be competition to eliminate himself. Mission accomplished, she set up shop in her own house, which is where the team found her- albeit their timing was a little off, as she was out for a jog at the time.

Seeing the cops surrounding her house, she made a break for it, but Isles spotted her and gave chase. Isles caught up and fought her off using a metal rod, fencing-style, then the cops took over from there. En Garde! Go Isles, with the takedown. Hate that Jane missed that, but then, if she’d been there, she probably would have just shot the culprit.

Meanwhile, Jane ran afoul of a nasty bit of work at her seminar, who tried the old “Oops, I dropped my pen” trick to try and get her to bend over so he could check out her, um, form, I guess? Sensing his antagonism towards her- he also didn’t take kindly to her fooling him in an in-class exercise that made it seem as if he were scared of the dark- Jane decided to investigate the guy on the side back at the hotel.

Sure enough, though he had no record, there was a suspicious case involving a young woman with a bright future that was in direct competition with him in college that committed suicide. Had the young man driven her to it? Jane knew she’d never be able to prove that, but she could prove that the guy was a first-class dickhead, so she intentionally egged him on and did it so that her FBI liaison could hear it, by using some of the FBI’s bugging equipment.

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He took the bait and spewed some hate-infused commentary about the dead girl, thus proving Jane’s suspicions that he was a raging misogynist. That was enough to get him kicked out of the Academy, and that was all she wrote for that dude. Case closed. Yeah, it was a bit underhanded, but not undeserved, either, as that guy was a real piece of work, and almost certainly bullied that poor girl into suicide, proof or no proof.

Was it me, or did you wonder if Jane hadn’t gone and made herself another enemy, not unlike the one played by Annabeth Gish at the beginning of the season? Granted, there’s only so many episodes left, so it probably won’t be the case, simply because they don’t have enough time to do a multiple episode arc again, and besides, they already kind of have been there, done that, so what would be the point?

So, yeah, that probably won’t happen, but I’m guessing that guy won’t take this lying down either, so we’ll see. Maybe they could do a highly compressed version of it, if they hurried it along considerably. Probably not, with only six episodes to go, but you never know. I won’t hold my breath, but I won’t be surprised if it happens, either.

Beyond that, there was some silliness involving Angela thinking about moving out of Isles’ place, but that was quashed pretty quickly when Isles suggested, matter of factly, that if Angela felt so compelled to get her own place, why not start paying her rent? Then, it really would be Angela’s own place, and not a favor being done on her behalf. Angela accepted the deal, albeit not without some pasta-related haggling, and that was that.

All in all, a decent enough episode, made all that much better by some well-placed humor here and there. Jane got the best of it, between another jab at Isles’ fencing hobby (“You all look like giant tampons in face masks”) and her reaction to her brother taking her place, leaving it still being “Rizzoli & Isles,” as the call-in for the case proved (“That just doesn’t sound right”), to her assessment of J. Edgar Hoover (“I heard he had a fabulous dress collection”).

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There was also some fun stuff with the testing of the “fat bomb,” Korsak musing about what Frankie and Nina’s couple nickname might be- he settled on “Rizziday,” which sounds like something Snoop Dogg would have come up with- and Isles correctly identifying Jane’s “case face.”

This was all topped off by Jane accidentally getting Isles a souvenir shirt that read “Female Boob Inspector,” which was somewhat ironic, given her run-in with precisely the type of guy who would wear such a thing. Although, it would have been great if she put it on without looking and then turned around and Jane spotted her mistake after it was too late, as well, but I guess that might have been stretching our suspension of disbelief that Isles wouldn’t have noticed such a thing.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles”? Did you enjoy the main case? How about the subplot with Jane? (I liked seeing her make the class her own on her own terms, which really humanized her in an effective way, given how gruff she’s been as of late, albeit understandably after what she went through at the beginning of this season and the end of the last one.) Sound off down below and see you next week!