Preacher “El Valero” Review (Season 1 Episode 8)

The first few minutes of this week’s Preacher had me worried that the show was losing its edge, with Eugene seemingly returned from Hell and Quincannon’s men easily chased off. It wasn’t long, however, before “El Valero” proved to be another great entry for the series, showing that it’s finally time for Jesse to pay for his overconfidence and Genesis-fueled meddling.

This episode really does see Jesse at his most desperate, doing all he can to fight off Quincannon while desperately seeking out some way to bring Eugene back. It’s inopportune timing for everything to go off when it does, though that’s of course what makes for compelling television. It would be easy for Jesse to drive Quincannon and his men away with Genesis, but his experience with Eugene has left him ready to be done with it. As such, he’s left taking potshots at the attacking soldiers (Donny and that ridiculous rebel uniform…) while he tries to figure out his best move.

At first, he turns to Fiore and DeBlanc. These characters have never had a great relationship with one another, so there was a great deal of tension in their encounter here. The scene I particularly loved was when Jesse asked about getting someone out of Hell and having each of the angels give a different answer. DeBlanc plays it off as if he didn’t want to tell the truth, but it ultimately seems like Fiore was trying to pull a fast one on Jesse, lying about their being a way for Eugene to be saved.

It’s ultimately moot, of course, because Genesis’ connection to Jess seems to have given it greater strength, enough to bust free of its coffee can prison. In turn, Jesse is left with two even deadlier threats – Fiore seems ready to grab the chainsaw again – but also a new resolve to use Genesis’ power. He attempts to use it on Donny, who is the exact sort of smart idiot to blow his own eardrums out, and it’s clear he’s got some sort of big plan for his service.

That chance for a final service comes at Quincannon’s mercy, though Jesse earns it by playing on the man’s history. We learn at the top of the hour that Quincannon lost his entire family in a tragic accident decades earlier, and it was at that time that he lost his faith in God. He’s always wanted Jesse’s father’s land, but he also wanted to hear the man renounce God in front of the whole congregation. Jesse remembers as much from childhood and promises to do as much should his plan to call forth the voice of God fail. As far as which way things will go? Well, we’ve only got two episodes left to find out, and I’m as excited to get there as possible.

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