Killjoys “Shaft” Review (Season 2 Episode 3)

Dutch and Johnny - Killjoys

It’s funny, when Killjoys opened with a flash-forward to a confrontation between Khylen and Dutch, all I could think is how much we didn’t need that scene. At this point, the show has gained the trust of its viewers to know that even a seemingly standalone adventure is all but guaranteed to feed into expanding and developing the larger universe. Besides, if the show keeps delivering fun episodes like “Shaft,” then I think we could stand a one-off adventure or two.

Calling out that opening scene is a critique, sure, but I also mean it as a compliment. Killjoys has hit the ground running this season, and I remain excited to see what happens each week, with or without an opening tease. And at this point, it’s clear that the show has no intentions of resting on its laurels. It’s impossible to pin down a status quo for the team this season, because things are constantly in flux.

Case in point: though this episode begins with Turin more or less blackmailing the team, Dutch has seemingly turned the tables on him by the end. On top of that, we learned that D’avin’s time on Arkyn has left him with some form of new power, even if right now it only extends to some sort of influence over the cave-dwelling centipedes. The show moves fast, delivering fun adventures while also pushing its individual character arcs forward.

At this point, the only minor complaint I have relates to John, who still mainly serves in a supporting role. There have been hints that there’s more to his past than we’ve been made aware of, but with everything else the show manages to so skillfully juggle, it’d be nice for Aaron Ashmore to have as much to do as his fellow cast members.

That said, he does have the strongest ties to Pawter, who we watched struggle with being Jelco’s captive. Again, though, the show moves fast; by the end of the hour, Pawter manages to give the overconfident Jelco the boot, though she just as quickly finds herself captive of some other mysterious figure. If nothing else, I’m enjoying how the show is allowing stories to be told that don’t immediately involve or affect the main killjoys themselves.

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