Bones “The Jewel In The Crown” Review (Season 11 Episode 21)

Bones jewel

This week’s case was an interesting one! A French inspector, the discovery of a large two-karat diamond in the victim’s mouth and Aubrey’s obsession with jewel heists broke up the monotony of Bones’ typical hunt for the killer.

The Case

A corpse is found at a glass recycling plant. When it gets brought to the Jeffersonian it is in a huge box filled with broken bottles of all colors with glass shards sticking out of it. For most people, the scene is a gruesome one, but for Hodgins, he just wants a beer.

Shortly after the body’s arrival, Inspector Rousseau shows up. He’s on a mission as he suspects a descendant of French nobility (who is the victim’s husband) most likely has something to do with the murder.

While the case gets underway, we learn that Aubrey has always wanted to play cat and mouse with a jewel thief. Booth hurts Aubrey’s feelings when he tells him he is nothing like Cary Grant. Their back and forth over jewel heist movies is entertaining.

After piecing together everything they know from the evidence, the gang figures out that it was an inside job. Chadwick Grey from the gemological society, who they first interviewed for his expertise, and the wife of the descendant of French nobility where working together. Grey killed her and covered it up.

Hodgins has a ghost?

That’s what Daisy thinks, but Hodgins doesn’t buy that the strange activity happening around him has anything to do with spirits. He thinks the likely of aliens building Stonehenge is far more likely than the supernatural. Daisy points that maybe Hodgins is a magnet for a spirit, which makes him laugh even harder.

When the strange behavior keeps happening, Hodgins thinks its still the fault lines even after Daisy pours he heart out to him, telling him that Sweets came back to her to tell her to move on. The only obvious explanation – it’s a jewel thief trying to dig their way into the Jeffersonian! Was anyone else guessing this had to be the reason behind random items falling to the ground?

Okay, so Hodgins and Daisy’s initial guess were both wrong. And my guess was way off. Before the close of the show, Daisy tells Hodgins that it is actually him making all of the things fall in his office with his own feet. Yes. Hodgins is having what she suspects are muscle spasms. News that completely floors him and Angela.

Booth is getting older

Booth’s vision isn’t what it used to be. He blames it on having a couple of drinks the night before, but Brennan tells him otherwise, pointing out all of the medical possibilities. He clearly has vision issues, he’s puffy and he is no longer 22 years old. All facts that Brennan voices to a defiant Booth.

Booth sneaks off to the eye doctors. Although, it wasn’t a secret because Brennan knew what he was up to. He comes back with glasses, but still keeps it a secret, wearing them when necessary. When he finally shows Brennan, she tells him he looks hot. He thinks he looks like a squint. By the close of the show Booth hangs up his glasses and is back to his normal self.