‘Beauty And the Beast’ (Season 4): The Hunt Is On

BATb July 2016

Ever since Catherine and Vincent’s honeymoon was abruptly interrupted in the season premiere of Beauty And the Beast, it has been one battle after another, fighting against bounty hunters, black market buyers and even the Department of Homeland Security. All because someone is hunting beasts; and the newlyweds are desperately trying to find out the true culprit.

Truth be told, their uphill battle to have a normal life has been ongoing from the very beginning; and I have to wonder if fate will ever let them truly be happy. Or, for that matter, if they would know how to live a normal life given that they have been dealing with one crisis after another from the start. It would be like Cat giving up her job as a cop or Vincent never tended to another sick person – it’s not in them to just stop – and I don’t think it will be in either of them to never be running from one problem or another.

However, since this is the final season of the show, there has to be some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, right? But who will be shining that light at them? The DHS when they finally catch up with Vincent, taking him in to face charges on the murder (his plea of self-defense will fall on deaf ears I’m sure) or the person or entity behind the bounty that started this whole man hunt in the first place either ending with Vincent’s life being extinguished or, worse yet, something happening to both he and Catherine.

And what about Kyle, the new boyfriend of Heather, Catherine’s younger sister? Has anyone else felt the least bit apprehensive about him since he was introduced or it is just me? I want to believe that since he and Vincent know each other and he seems like a nice guy who actually cares about Heather, but I just can’t not listen to that listen voice in the back of my mind that says there is something not quite right about him. I hope I am wrong because it would be nice for Heather to find a decent guy, but in their world I guess everyone is under suspicion.

In the end, it all comes down to who is after Vincent and why? It all comes down to either Catherine being able to uncover the truth by playing her part against the DHS or Vincent putting a stop to the man hunt by working undercover at that security firm? Who will get to the answer first?

What do you think? Will Catherine and Vincent learn who the “big bad” is by the end of the show’s final season, hopefully getting to ride off into the sunset with their happy ending or will there be the ultimate battle to end all battles before the show comes to a close for good? Please share your thoughts below.

The next episode of the fourth and final season of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ will air on The CW on Thursday, July 21 at 9/8c.