Beauty and The Beast “Point Of No Return” Review (Season 4 Episode 7)

Beauty and the beast s4e7

Vincent is back on the run. This time it is for killing Hill and Cat has to pretend she isn’t helping her husband dodge the authorities in her new position at DHS. Is anyone else extremely bored with this recurring story line that never really changes? While Vincent’s predicament can understandably be the same, after all he is a beast, couldn’t the writers room come up with something less mundane?

One of the few highlights of this recycled story line was Tess’ input – maybe Vincent and Cat need to trust the system, the system she took an oath to abide by, and Vincent should turn himself in. After this come to Jesus speech is anyone else annoyed with Tess?

Tess also points out to Cat that her tricky career situation isn’t going to work – she is trying to go undercover within DHS while they are watching her like a hawk. JT’s technical help is also down after his computers are taken by DHS. This time around however, Vincent isn’t looking for JT’s computer expertise but medical supplies because he is going to hurt someone. His plan is to stop being the bait and bait the bounty hunter, who we later learn is private security firm Graydal.

While he does toe the line of immoral, Vincent gets on board with Cat and helps her create a solid and believable plan – get DHS to think she is helping them find and take in her husband. Together, Cat and Vincent play out an emotional scene where Cat looks like she has tricked Vincent. Even Tess and Heather were in shock over her decision to bring Vincent to justice, as well as viewers, who weren’t privy to Cat’s game plan either. Vincent of course dodges them and Cat and Vincent meet up later where the truth comes out – minus the serum.