Suits “To Trouble” Review (Season 6, Episode 1)

To Trouble

“It’s not a movie, brother, its prison.”

Mike was told this by the counselor (recurring guest star Malcolm-Jamal Warner) at Danbury Prison on his first day of incarceration in last night’s season premiere of Suits, and you’d think that Mike would listen; but he didn’t. Or at least he didn’t safeguard against one hard rule about prison: you can’t trust anyone.

From the first introduction of Frank Gallo – Mike’s supposed cellmate (and note to fiancé Rachel it’s cellmate not roommate – this isn’t summer camp!!) – I was suspicious. And Mike should have been too.

But I give Frank this: he is slick. He got exactly what he wanted out of the lengthy conversation with Mike, learning every little nugget of details from the prison newbie – and he’s going to use every single piece of information to his benefit. Mike be damned and Harvey be damned. Yep, Frank is after Harvey, who sent him to prison; and this isn’t going to end pretty. After all, it’s prison, not a movie.

I have a feeling that Mike will be much more careful from here on out, not trusting anyone in the prison. What’s that old saying, “loose lips, sink ships” – Mike better guard against what he says for the duration of being in Danbury because he’s going to not only hurt himself but also those he cares about most.

Meanwhile at the law firm of Pearson, Specter and Litt, everyone is gone. We not just talking about the partners and other lawyers at the firm, we talking the secretaries, the receptionists – even the guy who shined Louis’s shoes. They are all GONE! This means that the name partners need to be in fight-mode, but what do they decide to do: light up a joint in the office.

Sure, it may have allowed them to deal – in their own way – with all of the events of the day, but really? I’ve never been a fan of this particular part of the story of Suits; in fact, I nearly stopped watching the show in the first season because they featured drug use one too many times for my taste, but I’ve done by best to look beyond that to get to the “meat” of the show. I just hate that they have to keep bringing it back into play.

Regardless of that fact, it would seem that Jessica, Harvey and Louis are going to combine their net worth to keep the firm afloat; and in order to counteract the class action suit for which was served on them by a fake Chinese food delivery guy -and to keep the departing partners from getting their buy-ins back – they are going to use all the money the firm has to pay off the suit and then the partners can’t sue because there won’t be any money. Thank you Louis Litt!

What did you think of the season finale? Did you see that Frank was duplicitous before the reveal or were you suckered in like Mike? Do you think that Jessica, Harvey and Louis can get the upper-hand in the class action suit, keeping the other partners at bay? Do you think Mike’s going to be able to handle prison? Pleas share your thoughts below.

The next episode of the sixth season of ‘Suits’ will air on the USA Network on Wednesday, July 20 at 9/8c.