The Fosters “Trust” Review (Season 4, Episode 3)

The Fosters Season 3

After the intensity of the last two episodes of the fourth season of The Fosters, it was a relief to have an episode that didn’t have the members of the Adams-Foster family on the edge of their seats. Granted, that didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of drama in the episode – because there was – the storylines were, thankfully, a bit calmer.

Just as the episode title states, the episode was all about trust: Lena and Stef needed to learn to trust their kids and Callie needed to learn to trust that her moms weren’t going to reverse her adoption and, much like her other foster families, throw her away.

There was also the B-story of Taylor taking Jude to her church; or to be more precise, taking him to a youth group meeting after school in which the group leader asked the kids about their “trust in God”. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I think this whole storyline was handled well without a heavy-handed approach. It will be interesting to see – now that Jude has met Noah, the lady preacher’s kid, who just happens to be openly gay – where the writers will go with this. It may come as a surprise that not all Christians are as close-minded as many think and that religion in any family drama can be handled respectfully.

Of course, there is still the tension at Anchor Beach given what could have happened had Nick been at the school with his father’s gun. Lena was obviously on the warpath of not only getting an alarm system installed in their home but also going quite a bit overboard on the security at school specifically the fencing and the metal detector.

This whole storyline comes at a time when the population has become entirely too accustomed to school violence – or violence against authority figures – accepting it as if it is normal. Just like Lena stated at the school’s assembly, “this isn’t normal.” Kudos to the show’s writers for stepping up, speaking out and, most of all, being rational instead of reactionary.

Then there is the ongoing issue of Brandon currently living with his slightly older girlfriend Cortney – much to the displeasure of his mom Stef – and Callie punching out a guy at school for the lewd comment he made toward her. Honestly, I can’t blame her for acting out against the guy given what he said to her, but her mom Lena was also right in following school dictates, suspending her.

What are your thoughts on the episode? How long do you think Brandon will last at Cortney’s place before even she gets tired of him being there? Given what was revealed in the episode do you think that Emma and Jesus will be able to stay “just friends”? What kind of ghosts will Callie dig up with her latest senior project? Will Jude and Noah become more than friends? What would you like to see over the course of this season? Please share your thoughts below.

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