Rizzoli & Isles “There Be Ghosts” Review (Season 7 Episode 6)

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On the latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles,” the gang worked to crack a case that seemed to have ties to a spooky legend in a hospital’s past, in “There Be Ghosts.” But were there really ghosts afoot, or was it just a clever killer covering his or her tracks? In addition, the girls came into contact with their real-life creator for the first time, in a amusing cameo at the end of the episode.

We began with the death of a hospital patient who wandered off into a closed wing of the hospital she was staying in for unknown reasons, only to be attacked by someone- or something- that pushed her to her death off a ledge and onto a metal post sticking out from the construction below. Left alongside her corpse was a single white rose.

Turns out the hospital had a local legend involving “Hateful Hanna,” the vengeful specter of a former patient that died an untimely death and came back to kill those she held responsible- one of which was, in fact, also impaled on a metal post, just like the current victim.

As such, it seemed likely that the killer had inside knowledge of the real incident and was using it to cover their tracks. This made it likely that the killer worked, or used to work at the hospital, or at the very least had some sort of ties to it, such as a dead relative that had stayed there at some point and died before their time.

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It just so happened that, at the same time, there was a “Minute Man Mystery Writers” conference in town, which Isles was planning to attend because of course she was, with the intention of dragging a none-too-excited Rizzoli along with her. Among those in attendance was Samantha Caspari (Serena Scott Thomas, “The World is Not Enough”), who also happened to be somewhat of an expert on the ghost in question, to a certain degree.

Offering up her services, an initially wary Rizzoli and Korsak, after ruling her out as a suspect, agreed to let her consult on the case, with excited fangirl Isles working alongside her to dig up info on the actual incident that inspired the ghost story that the killer was using to cover things up.

Sam also agreed to look over Isles’ short story she was working on for a creative writing class, which she liked enough to want to recommend it to her publisher, and to encourage Isles to expand into a book- or so she said. But was she actually telling Isles what she wanted to hear to get close to the case to use as source material for her next book?

Well, yes and no. On the one hand, Sam did indeed try to steal some material from the hospital archives when she and Isles were cleared to investigate the matter, thus betraying Isles’ trust. On the other, she did eventually show Isles’ work to someone at the conference, thus pointing the way forward to another potential line of work for Isles in the future in the process, so there’s that.

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Meanwhile, Rizzoli and Korsak investigated other potential leads, coming to various dead ends with the husband of the first victim and the person in charge of the construction of the new wing at the hospital, a project that was several weeks behind, which they suspected might have been because they ran out of funding to finish it.

Both alibied out, and matters only got worse when the killer claimed another victim, this one a doctor that had also worked with the first victim, having administered a new combination of drugs to her that seemed to be working to put her cancer into remission.

This would seem to indicate that the killer had something against these people that specifically involved cancer and the treatment for it, so Rizzoli and the rest of the team looked for potential connections, finally coming up with one via the fact that someone had stolen archival materials from a local library related to the old case that inspired the ghost legend at the hospital.

A closer look revealed that one of the people there at the time when the newspaper articles were stolen was, in fact, dead. This naturally meant that someone was using that person’s identity. However, the man in question had no living relatives, so it was back to the drawing board. Then it was discovered that the man’s caregiver was a next-door neighbor who had also died of cancer.

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Though that person’s husband was dead, it was revealed that she herself had died of cancer as well, having died at the very same hospital that the murders had occurred in. Eventually, the team found out that she had a stepson that just so happened to work at the hospital as a custodian, so Rizzoli & Korsak went to question him.

When they arrived, the hospital administrator that they had talked to previously was missing, with their being told that she had gone to meet with the construction contractor to discuss a problem that had arisen. Only one problem: it was night, and the contractor wouldn’t have been there so late. Sensing it was a trap, the two rushed to the closed wing to investigate.

Sure enough, the custodian was there with the hospital administrator, threatening to kill her, just as he had the previous two victims. He injected her with the same drugs that he’d given to the doctor to induce an overdose and fled, with Rizzoli giving chase as Korsak stayed behind to look after the administrator.

Rizzoli caught up to him and he came at her with the intention of killing her, so Rizzoli had no choice but to put the man down, shooting him and killing him instantly, bringing the sad case to a close. It seems that the man resented the people in question because they had given a group of cancer patients an experimental drug that had worked, but had neglected to do the same for his stepmother, who actually didn’t even qualify for it, having had a different type of cancer.

She died, and the stepson plotted his revenge, using the local legend to cover his tracks, thus exposing the fact that there was no ghost after all. Not that Rizzoli thought there was for a second, despite Korsak’s pointing out that she herself had a run-in with a ghost of sorts, in the form of her seeing the late Barry Frost for a while after his death.

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At the end of the episode, Maura and Jane attended the aforementioned conference, where they were introduced to several people by Sam, who apologized profusely to Isles and promised to pass her writing along to her publisher after all. In a surreal-but-fun moment, she also introduced Rizzoli & Isles to their creator, none other than Tess Gerritsen herself!

Gerritsen got in a cute wisecrack about how appropriate the girls’ attire was for their line of work, with Rizzoli shooting back: “You should see when my brother wears it- it’s even more fabulous.” This was, of course, a nod to the mild “controversy” surrounding the complaints about the sorts of clothes the ladies wear on the job, which some have deemed unrealistic.

This was a decent enough episode, but could have been more fun- and probably should have been, given that “Scooby Doo”-esque premise. Coming off the zombie-themed episode a few weeks back, which was a lot of fun, it should have been a slam dunk in the more lighter-hearted episode department, but was strangely played straight, for the most part.

That said, the Gerritsen cameo was amusing, as was the reveal that Kent had taken Frankie to a KISS concert, after Frankie had spent most of the episode fleeing Kent, convinced he was going to drag him to Riverdance or the like. The sight of Kent in full Paul Stanley regalia was truly something to behold, and something I’m sure none of us will be able to scrub from our brains anytime soon. (I would have loved to see those mice dioramas mentioned, too, though!)

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All in all, an okay episode, but nothing really that special, aside from the presence of the show’s creator. They could have played up the ghost angle more and had more fun with it, but I guess the whole cancer angle didn’t exactly lend itself to a barrel of laughs when you think about it. Oh well.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles”? Did you enjoy the ghost story part? How about the cameo from the author of the books that inspired the series? What did you make of Scott’s character? How about the sight of Kent in full KISS regalia? (Not to mention Frankie and Angela’s own concert wear!) Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week!