Killjoys “Wild Wild Westerley” Review (Season 2 Episode 2)

Alvis and Pawter - Killjoys

One thing that quickly became apparent in the first season of Killjoys is that a warrant is never just a warrant. This is a show that could easily have been of the “case-of-the-week” sort, something that certainly seemed a possibility early on. However, those seemingly disconnected first outings were actually in service of building out the show’s world and supporting cast. It makes it so that every adventure matters; such is the case with the excellent “Wild Wild Westerley.”

Now, this isn’t to say that one-off adventures can’t or don’t work, but the interconnected, complex world Killjoys continues to build makes those adventures that much more entertaining. And hey, it’s something it almost feels like the creators realize; the warrant may be all to a killjoy, but Dutch and the team pretty much call this week’s bounty hunt out as a means to an end, a chance to return to Old Town and see where things are at following the bombing at the end of the first season.

What they find is an unsurprisingly grim landscape, with pretty much everyone worse off than they were before. This episode offers a chance to check in on a number of recurring characters, all of whom are struggling to make the best of a bad situation. And if anything, things are only worse for everyone by episode’s end; Hills is killed for his merciful act in last year’s finale, a disillusioned Alvis attempted to commit suicide by toxic gas, and Pawter goes from independent badass – not someone you should try shaking down, that’s for certain – to an unwilling guest of the Corporation.

In regards to Pawter’s situation, this episode also introduced a new threat in the form of Jelco. Though he’s an absolute bastard, he serves a necessary purpose, putting a slimy, unlikable human face to the Corporation. There were a lot of elements introduced last season, but the Corporation sort of fell to the background without a strong central character like Khylen or Delle Seyah Kendry to remind us how dangerous they can be. So while it sucks for the team to have yet another set of antagonistic eyes on them, it does wonders for the narrative.

There was a lot of darkness in this episode, but in the end, what makes the show work is that there’s always hope, even in the dark days. So even with all the terrible things going on, there was still a glimmer of light in the form of Pree taking the Royal back. It was a brief arc, but it ended with a character returning to the place they feel most and home and finding some form of happiness. It shows that, even with all of the struggles ahead, there’s a chance for things to work out for the best. Of course, like Pree stabbing Garrett, there’s likely to be a good deal of bloodshed and violence along the way.

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