Dark Matter “Kill Them All” Review (Season 2 Episode 2)

Kill Them All

“Kill them all” – Five to the Android [on Dark Matter]

With those three little words, and a major assist from Kal (aka Six) of course, Five ordered the Android to take down (literally) Chief Inspector Shaddick [alas poor Franke Potente we knew you so little in this role!] and several of her people in order to escape the detention center, an “inescapable prison on a moon with no atmosphere” alongside the rest of the Raza crew and a few new faces.

Last night’s episode was jam-packed with plenty of action and an opportunity for each of the main characters to shine especially Five, who got to carry and fire a stun gun that was nearly the same size as her.

In fact there was almost too much action going on in this episode with so much story being packed into 42 (give or take) minutes that it could make your head spin.

Shaddick wanted answers from Portia (aka Two), Marcus (aka Three) and Ryo (aka Four) about the bombing that killed 15,000 people; but they, naturally, weren’t going to incriminate themselves. And, really Shaddick wouldn’t want the two biggest corporations who run the universe to go to war now would she – because that’s probably what would have happened if they had come clean with the whole story. Although, quite frankly, that could still happen given the fact that the Traugott Corp (the people behind the White Hole device that caused the bombing) basically want the Raza crew dead and will probably stop at nothing to make sure that happens.

And how about what Commander Truffault (Stargate Atlantis alum Torri Higginson) did to Marcus, using that green lightning eye trick (for lack of a better more sci-fi name) to give him the schematics of the prison so they could plan their escape. Pretty slick, don’t you think?

The plan – as crazy as it was – all came together with:

• Kal turning off the power that allowed the Android to get free and exact revenge on Shaddick and her people (as ordered by Five);

• Portia to use her special ability (gotta love those nanites coursing through her body, right?) to counteract the knockout “buzzer” noise [that takes down all of the prisoners when they get riled up] in order to get one of the guard’s access keys and his weapon, which in turn allowed her to help Marcus and fellow prisoners Arax (who at first didn’t like the three new inmates but all of the sudden wants to be best buds with them – what’s up with that?!) and a very nimble Nyx, who got out of the main cell doors just in time, to get free; and,

• Ryo, along with fellow prisoner Devon (who we’ve seen very little of so far and know very little about), to escape from the contingent of sword-warriors from his home planet who arrived by shuttle to take him back home to be publically executed.

They all meet up at the airlock to the aforementioned shuttle and escaped the inescapable prison, but Kal was critically injured and put into stasis until they are able to help him properly; after all, they can’t just go to the local medical facility to pick up blood and surgical equipment without drawing attention.

And what about Derrick, well, we didn’t see him in the episode (for obvious reasons), but the Raza crew learned about his demise via a news report they saw once on board the ship. How will they all come to terms with his death? Will that set them on a course to find out why he was killed? And just how do they plan to “lay low” when they are on the Raza and will, most likely, be hunted by everyone at this point?

What do you think will happen next on the show? And what is the deal with that woman at the beginning and end of the episode (actress Inga Cadranel, who viewers will recognize as Bo’s mom on Lost Girl)? What does she want with Emily (aka Five)? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Dark Matter’ will air on Syfy on Friday, July 15 at 10/9c.