Royal Pains “Uninterrupted” Review (Season 8, Episode 8) [Series Finale]

Royal Pains Series Finale

Life uninterrupted…HankMed uninterrupted.

Last night’s final episode (EVER!) of Royal Pains didn’t go with a bang the way you would think most long-running dramas are supposed to come to an end; but it sure had satisfying moments.

With everyone’s life going in very different directions throughout this season, it was inevitable that things were going to change in the Hamptons – and, boy, some of the changes were quite unexpected.

We knew from last week that Paige and Evan were finally going to have a baby; but the decision that Evan made (with his supportive wife in 100% agreement with him) to take in teenager Lena and her younger brothers as foster kids was quite a surprise. But when you think about the life that Evan had as a young kid – with older brother Hank taking care of him after their father walked out of their lives and they lost their mother – not to mention that reveal a season or two ago that Paige was actually adopted, it only stands to reason that they would both identify with Lena and her brothers.

Our little Evan has certainly grown up over the last few seasons, hasn’t he?

As for Divya, she received an email in last week’s episode from the admissions department at Johns Hopkins – THE medical school of her choice – but it wasn’t until this week’s episode that she finally looked it. When the rest of the HankMed team learned that she’d been too nervous to open it, they insisted that she read it immediately. Naturally, Divya was going to a student, meaning she and husband Raj and their growing family would need to leave the Hamptons.

I have to admit the #RoyalFarewell the HankMed team gave Divya was filled with just the right amount of snark (from Evan, of course) and kind and respective words from everyone else. I’m sure there were plenty of tears while they filmed that scene too not just those shown in the episode.

Meanwhile, wealthy benefactor, patient and friend Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz (I still don’t know how to pronounce his name correctly, does anyone for that matter?) was preparing to leave the Hamptons for good, disappearing into the unknown with his wife and son already safely whisked away. It had been an ongoing story that a group of mysterious people were after his DNA; and while it seemed, at first, it was for nefarious purposes, that wasn’t actually the case. As if Boris didn’t already have a mystic about him, Hank put two and two together, figuring out that Russian oligarchs (naturally?!) were the ones looking for him and that Boris comes from the royal Russian lineage of the royal family.

Lastly, there was Hank. Was he going to stay in the Hamptons and continue running HankMed? Was he going to leave the Hamptons with Boris? Was he going to take over the ER at the hospital where Evan is the administrator? Or was he going to leave on a brand new adventure? That answer came at the end of the episode with Hank leaving the Hamptons and ending up in Africa with Jill Casey, rekindling his relationship with her and working alongside her. I know that there was a segment of fans of the show who did not care for Jill, but I have to admit it was nice to see Hank happy – especially in the “3 years later” time jump at the very end, being engaged to Jill, back in the Hamptons for the summer alongside his brother Evan and Paige, who know have twin boys as well as their foster kids safely in tow.

It was nice, happy ending for all of them at Shadow Pond in the Hamptons, which was – luckily enough – turned over to Evan – to do with as he saw fit – by Boris. I’d say that was a pretty sweet going-away present in more ways than one.

And with that the last remaining “blue sky” series on the USA Network comes to an end after eight season. Farewell ‘Royal Pains”!