Killjoys “Dutch and the Real Girl” Review (Season 2 Episode 1)

Dutch and Johnny - Killjoys

The first season of Killjoys was a show that kind of snuck up on me. I wasn’t immediately taken with it in the early weeks – I preferred its fellow SyFy premiere Dark Matter – but around the halfway point, things went in a surprising direction. While the first few episodes seemed like simple contract-of-the-week adventures, the show took a hard turn into serialization, with those early adventures serving as necessary world-building before the true adventure began. That serialization introduced a lot of complex, interesting storylines, stories that continue to develop and evolve in “Dutch and the Real Girl,” the second season premiere.

The first season finale brought a lot of chaos, with the bombing of Old Town, Khylen taking D’avin hostage, and a genetic massacre instigated by Delle Seyah Kendry. It was an exciting, if rushed conclusion that showed just how much story this show has to work with, plenty to fill a second season. Of course, our focus falls to Dutch and the Jaqobis brothers, so it’s not surprise that the hunt for Khylen and D’avin takes focus in this premiere.

Still, new elements of the larger universe are explored or introduced in this episode. Bartender Pree, displaced following the bombing, joins the team on their rescue op, while the mysteries of Level 6 Killjoy agents are explored through D’avin’s imprisonment. Even fellow killjoy Fancy Lee appears, undergoing the Level 6 process.

Again, it’s an element of the first season that presented itself gradually, the sizable recurring cast that could pop up at any moment. That cast likely grew here as well, with the technologically modified Clara establishing an immediate rapport with the crew. Plus, she was just an all-around awesome character, given her snarky attitude and Mega Man-style buster arm.

This episode also gave us a stylish new opening sequence for the show, replacing the in-show footage used last year with a series of cool cartoon images. Admittedly, I will miss the original theme song, but it’s just another element that shows how unpredictable and different this show can be. With allegiances shifting, new power struggles forming, and new missions to take on, I’m excited to see what Killjoys has to offer this season.

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