Royal Pains “The Good News Is…” Review (Season 8, Episode 7)

The Good News Is

It’s the episode that has been eight seasons in the making: a musical episode of Royal Pains!

Fans of the long-running series know all too well that lead actor Mark Feuerstein is known for his rather impressive rapping skills; and while those specific skills weren’t put to use in Wednesday’s new episode of the final season – which also happened to be the penultimate episode – the cast really got into the action of song and dance.

Well, let’s be a little more specific, shall we? Guest star Cloris Leachman, who played legendary actress Annette Bellamy and best friend of bride-to-be Mrs. Newberg, was having hallucinations of the cast performing musical numbers much like the movies for which she was famous for appearing in throughout her illustrious career. While Annette didn’t want to admit it, she thought she was suffering from the on-set of Alzheimer’s.

But, of course, Hank had a different opinion (he is the MacGyver of concierge doctors, after all!) and after numerous tests were performed on Annette to ascertain her condition, it was determined that she had a malfunctioning blood vessel in her brain. I’m not even going to try to pronounce what it’s called. The show will go on for Annette but her hallucinations won’t – no matter how comical, whimsical and downright silly they were.

As a long-time fan of the show, I thought this episode was quite an interesting way to nearly close out the show, the last remaining “blue sky” drama on the USA Network, I might add. [Don’t even get me started on the direction the network has taken in the last few seasons with their programming!]

The wedding of the season – between the 5-times married Mrs. Newberg and Eddie Lawson (Hank and Evan’s dad) went off without a hitch this time around (fans will recall that Eddie left Mrs. Newberg at the altar not that long ago) with Hank actually catching the bouquet. I have a feeling, though, that Hank won’t be looking to settle down anytime soon – especially given the fact that he finally seems okay with being on his own for a while and possibly embarking on a new career outside of The Hamptons.

That seems to be the case for all of the characters especially with Jeremiah deciding to start his own lab (and perhaps starting a relationship with that author lady he met a few episodes ago); Evan and Paige learning at the end of Wednesday’s episode that they are finally pregnant and it would seem that Divya finally got a message from John’s Hopkins.

What did you think of the musical episode of the show? How about that 40’s-inspired musical number near the end of the episode? Can you image what the blooper reel just from that episode must be like? How excited are you for Evan and Paige? Do you think she’ll have a boy or girl? Do you think Divya will get into the school of her dreams? And, what do you think Hank will do? Please share your thoughts below.

After eight seasons on the USA Network, the series finale of ‘Royal Pains’ will air next Wednesday, July 6 at 10/9c.