Beauty And The Beast “It’s a Wonderful Beast” Review (Season 4 Episode 5 )

B&B s4e5

In “It’s a Wonderful Beast,” Vincent experiences a world where Cat doesn’t know who he is. It’s hard to imagine the pair living separate lives, Cat married to Evan, while Vincent and JT remained on the run. But the writers behind this latest episode did a good job of making us all see what could have been with some inspiration from the classic 1946 movie directed by Frank Capra.

The episode kicked off with Cat and Vincent waking up to a hitman in their bedroom. Luckily, Mr. & Mr. Smith kicked his ass and saved their own. The best part of the scene was watching the pair’s two very different interrogation methods; Cat’s more verbal while Vincent chooses to knock the guy out! Cat receives a text message from Vince, who is still standing next to her. The two quickly determine that all of this is of course a set up, with the stranger trying to lure Cat, JT and Tess into a trap. Vincent rushes off to the meeting location while Cat follows behind at human speed. When the four meet, they are attacked by a barrage of bullets.

The 4 take shelter under a counter together with Vincent, who was hit in the side with a bullet, lulls in and out of consciousness. Experiencing what his life could have been was entertaining, minus the cheesy white light that is meant to signify Vincent’s trip from reality.

The best part of seeing Cat and Vincent in an alternate reality was watching him profess his need for her while Cat chalked him up to being a weirdo! It was also interesting how in-love Evan was with her, yet she was not in love with him, proving that Vincent is truly the one.

By the end of the episode, Vincent realizes that they are met to be and that they both saved one another, rather than his initial thoughts that Cat would be so much better off without him.