Bones “The Stiff in The Cliff” Review (Season 11 Episode 20)

Bones s11e20

The 20th episode of Bones brought about a surprising twist of events when Clark became a suspect in a murder investigation. Yes, our straight-laced squint took part in an impressive 5 person expedition 15 years ago in Northern Alaska when he was just an undergraduate. When the body of his leader Henry Charles shows up at The Jeffersonian as a frozen solid block, the team must figure out after all this time how Charles met his death. Brennan determines right away that it was blunt forced trauma, adding Clark to a small pool of suspects.

Clark never shared his story, making the gang question whether or not Clark could possibly commit such a crime. Aubrey and Booth begin their investigation while Hodgins had to determine the murder weapon.

Meanwhile, Cam’s sister has come to town to help her plan her wedding. The same sister who kissed Booth when they were dating. Her reputation clearly proceeds her, making the gang leery of her willingness to help Cam.

As the team delves in, talking to those that took part in the expedition, Angela determined that Charles’ injuries could not be from a fall. It is later determined that he was punched in the head and by someone that wasn’t wearing gloves.

In the end, it was a group member named Hazel who swung the axe that killed Charles, who was going to expose her boss for being a fraud, thus in turn making her a fraud as well!

A couple of observations…

Brennan has certainly come a long way. When Clark hugs her after she comforts him about being wrong about the murder of his expedition leader and falling for a woman in the group who killed him, Brennan smiles. Not something Brennan did previously.

Cam and Angela’s relationship has really evolved. Angela is very up front with Cam over her sister and the wedding.

Who would have ever guessed that Cam would want the traditional wedding, champagne fountains and branded candy bars for all.