Beauty And The Beast “Something’s Gotta Give” Review (Season 4 Episode 4)

Beauty and the Beast JT s4e4

Cat experienced a pregnancy scare in this latest episode of Beauty and the Beast. Letting her new gig with the DHS occupy her time, as well as the attempted murder of Deputy Secretary Hill’s life and that of his family. Cat’s possible pregnancy loomed in the background as the gang made their next move with the beast bloggers who kidnapped JT and a hitman (who posed as an accountant) by the name of Albert Toland, who almost managed to kill Vincent in a junkyard.

JT’s Kidnapping

Hoping to deter the beast bloggers once and for all, JT dresses up like The Men In Black and meets a few of them in a parking garage where he tries to talk some sense into them. His plan goes off the rails! The bloggers think he is the beast and end up kidnapping him. Not his smartest plan, but well worth it after we see Tess pay JT a visit to encourage him to keep trying to find himself. She only suggests he do it in a safer way.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Cat and Vincent may be having a rough start to their marriage, but they make one hell of a fighting duo! Vincent saves her when she has a gun pointed at Hills’ attempted murderer and Cat saves Vincent from the hitman who goes Rambo on him in the junkyard.

Cat’s Pregnancy

We knew something was up and Cat was looked overly ecstatic about the fussing baby in the coffee shop. The cat was out of the bag when heather discovered a pregnancy test in cat’s purse. Cat informed her that she didn’t know if she was pregnant or not because she hadn’t taken the test yet. Yes, the procrastination storyline was frustrating. Realistically, Cat would have made the time. But she doesn’t until the end of the show when we discover she isn’t pregnant after all. The results prompt Cat and Vincent to talk about having a family one day. Was it me or did Vincent looked overly relieved for a married guy? Is he hiding something from Cat?