Royal Pains “Home Sick” Review (Season 8, Episode 6)

Home Sick

Every character on Royal Pains is in a state of flux with their futures going off in very different directions; and that is a good thing – at least that is what is “they” say. Change is inevitable and, in most cases, a good thing. It is certainly a good thing for the main characters of the long-running dramedy.

Let’s take a look at how things are changing for the characters based on what took place in last night’s episode:

• Evan and Paige – They are moving forward with the in vitro fertilization, as they really want to have a child. At the end of the episode Paige was fertilized with the one surviving embryo from the process; and, of course, they are very hopeful;

• Hank – He seemingly found his dream house; a beautiful property that looked out toward the ocean with plenty of room to grow (should he ever settle down that is); but that came to an end when he was able to help the current owner with the medical crisis that was causing her to put the property up for sale;

• Divya – While she is still wait-listed for admittance to Johns Hopkins, her husband Raj got the job in Baltimore and it looks like they will be moving (for sure) no matter what; and while Divya has been doing her best to remain positive and hopeful, the cracks are started to show that she is worried she may never get in;

• Jeremiah – He has been working on a virus cell for a clinical trial overseen by the pharmaceutical company owned by Boris (Hank and Evan’s long-ago benefactor); but because of a decision that Boris made [for which Jeremiah did not approve of at first] he has decided to start his own lab; and,

• Eddie – Evan and Hank’s dad ran over just as he was to marry the wealthy Mrs. Newberg; but there were actually extenuating circumstances – not just his propensity for running off – he needed heart surgery.

It should be noted that Hank actually hired a private investigator to find their dad, who discovered he was back in their hometown of Passaic, New Jersey in – of all places – their old house. Luckily Hank arrived at the old homestead in time because Eddie was suffering from complications from his heart surgery; and Hank brought him back to the Hamptons to recover. Add to that, Eddie begged forgiveness from Mrs. Newberg and it would seem their wedding is on – but this time it will be grand affair.

What did you think of this episode? Were you hoping that Hank would get the house and find a way to settle down? Do you think Eddie and Mrs. Newberg will actually (finally) get married? Do you think that Paige will become pregnant? Do you think that Divya will get into the hospital? What would you like to see happen in the show before it comes to an end? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the 8th and final season of ‘Royal Pains’, which will not only be a musical episode but also the penultimate episode, will air on the USA Network on Wednesday, June 29 at 10/9c.