Rizzoli & Isles “Post Mortem” Review (Season 7 Episode 4)

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In a slightly-postponed episode of “Rizzoli & Isles,” guest star Yvette Nicole Brown, of “Community” and “The Odd Couple,” put in an appearance as Federal Agent CJ Prescott- of the Postal Division, in the wryly-titled “Post Mortem.” (Because the case revolved around a dead postal worker- see what they did there?)

The story began when a woman arguing with a meter maid type got an unexpected eyeful of a dead guy, via the aforementioned dead postal worker, which at first appeared to be a suicide. However, as Isles quickly assessed, such was not the case, as there were signs it was staged to look that way, as the man was restrained and a silencer was likely used in the killing.

A closer look at his house reveals another connection when Rizzoli & Korsak run into Prescott at the scene, who also thinks it was a murder, citing another dubious death in a janitor at the postal worker’s place of business.

Though her own employer cries foul and says Prescott is overzealous and paranoid and fires her for spouting conspiracy theories, sure enough, Isles likewise finds evidence that the janitor had his neck broken from behind, not from slipping and falling as originally assessed.

Prescott thinks it’s all connected to illegal packages of contraband that the postal worker was involved in picking up for someone, containing who knows what. Rizzoli agrees to let her assist on the case, though Korsak isn’t crazy about her brash personality and her designating him as a “silver fox,” which he thinks is an insult.

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Rizzoli and Frankie go to the postal worker’s office and search his locker, with the cooperation of his boss, though he’s a bit wary, wondering it matters if the death was ruled a suicide. Rizzoli discovers an oddly-marked bar of peanut-butter granola, which is made all the more strange by the fact that the deceased had a peanut allergy.

Prescott identifies the markings as postal barcodes, and they use all the bars in the worker’s belongings to piece together a location that the contraband came from- a sporting goods store in Miami, Florida. However, the place it was sent to was a fake address, which means any packages sent to that address would have been earmarked for the so-called “Dead Letter Office.”

That means someone would have had to know that this was going to happen on purpose and be on the lookout for said packages to intercept them before they got re-routed to the DLO. Beyond that, there was no way to trace things back to the sender or the receiver- they needed the middleman for that.

As Rizzoli and Frankie are out, Korsak and Nina pose as janitors at the worker’s post office and sure enough, catch someone red-handed collecting the packages ear-marked for the DLO. It’s none other than the manager of the post office himself, aka the one who got Prescott fired.

However, Isles says it wasn’t him who killed the postal worker and the janitor, as there is evidence it was, in fact, a woman. After arresting the manager, they confront him with the evidence, leading him to believe he’ll go down for murder if he doesn’t cooperate.

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He admits he was blackmailed into doing it after getting hooked on Oxycontin, which was also what was in the packages. In exchange for the drug, he was forced to pick up the packages, but he only thought it was temporary and got in too deep, dragging the postal worker who was killed into it, and now in fear for his life, given what had happened to him.

Prescott points out he may still be in danger, even if he goes to prison, as the dealer might be able to get to him there, especially if she thinks he’ll testify against her. The manager admits he was scheduled for a meet with said dealer that very night, so the team has him tell them the details and they go to the meet in his stead, shooting and capturing the dealer in the process.

In the end, CJ is reinstated and promoted to help with similar sorts of contraband cases as an expert and is assigned to bringing down another drug-running ring, so all’s well that ends well. Even Korsak comes around, once he realizes that Prescott was actually complimenting him this whole time instead of insulting him.

As all of this was going on, Isles continued to refuse to have surgery for her condition, and paid the price in that she kept forgetting things, despite her best efforts to use different methods to build neural pathways, such as taking fencing classes, grooving to atypical music and so forth. Kent compiled a list of the best surgeons for the procedure, but Isles continually rebuffed him.

Eventually, she came around after opening up to- who else?- Rizzoli and admitting she was scared to have the surgery, but even more scared of losing her job and her mental acumen in regards to it, potentially leading to trouble and possibly even leading to her work being questioned. She agreed to set up an appointment with a surgeon accordingly.

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That was about it for this episode, save some silliness with Angela and Kiki revolving around Korsak’s alleged inability to give good gifts to his loved one, which he redeemed himself for in the end. We also got to see/hear Nina bust out an impassioned rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.”

Beyond that, there were some funny moments, and some great dialogue, such as when Rizzoli referred to fencers as “stormtroopers” for “rich people” or when Rizzoli told Isles her brain wasn’t what she loved about her, but “that you took my mother in and now I don’t have to.” Although, she hastened to add, jokingly, maybe “it’s not very smart that you did that-maybe [your ailment] is more advanced than we thought.”

Of course, the lion’s share of the laughs went to guest star Brown, though how funny you found her probably depended on your level of tolerance for her brand of humor. I personally loved “Community,” so I got a kick out of her more often than not.

I particularly liked it when she said, of her guns to Rizzoli & Korsak, “You think you’re the only ones that get to play with the ‘Twin Dragons’?” Also, her flirtations with Korsak and her thing for men in “khakis” was priceless. LOL.

All in all, a decent enough episode, if a bit on the silly side. Then again, we were just coming off a killer zombie episode, so there you go. It’s not as if the show is afraid to go broad with the humor from time to time, and I’m okay with that.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles”? Do you think Isles’ surgery will go okay? Will she make a full recovery, or will it not be successful as she hopes? What did you think of Brown? Would you mind seeing her again before the end of the final season? Did you like the chemistry between her and Angie Harmon? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week!