The Last Ship “The Scott Effect” and “Rising Sun” Review (Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2)

The Last Ship S3

After being pulled from the air last week nearly at the 11th hour because of the tragic events that took place in Orlando, Florida, the season three two-episode premiere of the TNT post-apocalyptic series The Last Ship finally got underway last night.

The opening scene found America slowly getting back on its feet with President Michener addressing the remaining population on his 154th day as Commander in Chief. We quickly learn that Chandler is now the Chief of Naval Operations and that Dr. Rachel Scott – who was shot in last season’s finale – did not survive. I have to admit that it was easy to figure out that Rachel wasn’t going to survive simply because of the addition of actress Bridget Regan to the cast. But I am disappointed that given how important Rachel Scott had been to the show for the past two seasons that her character didn’t receive a better send-off.

That being said, the two-episode season premiere was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. There was plenty of action to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and enough changes not only on the Nathan James but also within the American government to give the show a whole new feel to viewers.

It was revealed that Lt. Kara Foster and Lt. Danny Green were not only the proud parents of a little boy named Frankie but they were also married. Danny was on the Nathan James – which was currently in the North China Sea planning to distribute the cure – while Kara was working for the President of the United States. It was also revealed that former XO Mike Slattery was now the Commander of the Nathan James while Lt. Carlton Burk’s older brother Cameron was now also onboard the Nathan James.

What was intriguing about the first hour was that Chandler was sent to Hong Kong with Valerie (the hacker from last season who created Valkyrie) to attend a summit while the ranking officers on the Nathan James were going ashore in Vietnam for a celebration of the cure being dispensed in that country. Both of these events were to be more peacekeeping efforts but neither turned out that way.

It was hard watching the nightclub be attacked by armed men supposedly from Vietnam, who kidnapped all of the visiting officers from the Nathan James – except for the younger Burk and Green. And, it was just as difficult watching the plane that was to carry Chandler home to St. Louis go down with Valerie aboard.

As we moved into the second episode, the action ratcheted up even more with Danny and Burk taking on the men at the pier as they tried to escape in order to get back to the Nathan James while Chandler along with SCPO Wolf Taylor (who was requested to be at the Hong Kong Summit by Chandler), Sasha Cooper (the aforementioned Regan), who is much more than just an interpreter and someone who obviously has a past with Chandler and new addition Jesse (Dichen Lachman of Dollhouse and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fame), who had been working, until recently, with Sasha to smuggle the cure out of China to areas where the plague was still very much a threat to the population.

Just when the Nathan James needed additional help – because of the kidnapping of Slattery and the other 11 officers and personnel – Chandler made it on board. I pity whoever took his men because it’s not going to be pretty what Chandler and the rest of the men and women on the Nathan James will do to them once they catch up to them.

The next new episode of the third season of ‘The Last Ship’ will air on TNT on Sunday, June 26 at 9/8c.