Preacher “Monster Swamp” Review (Season 1 Episode 4)

The fourth episode of Preacher is the first one I feel qualifies as a miss. There were some good elements to “Monster Swamp,” but on the whole, it all felt a bit aimless until the finale. The show’s been taking its time so far, but this week’s episode was particularly sluggish, with the characters shuffling around, but not really accomplishing much. I think Jesse actively ignoring Cassidy’s attempt to warn him about the two agents after him sums up this episode pretty well, actively.

Alright, obviously some big things happened tonight, but it was a big moment that didn’t feel quite as momentous as it should have. Odin Quincannon has appeared on the show, and this episode made it clear he’s a despicable man, but there didn’t feel like much of a connection to Jesse. We saw a brief tie between the two in a flashback, but it wasn’t anything major. Actually, none of the flashbacks offered much insight, and really, Jesse was barely in this episode, so his major victory of turning Quincannon didn’t feel like a great payoff.

Honestly, nobody in this episode felt as if they were up to much, though Tulip and Cassidy continued to entertain just by being themselves. In fact, the first meeting between the two was the highlight of the hour, as Tulip’s temper had her inadvertently stabbing Cassidy in the neck and discovering he was a vampire. It was a fun scene, and it did what very little else in the episode did by pushing relationships forward.

Okay, the episode’s conclusion obviously suggests things will be picking back up soon. By invoking God’s name in ordering Quincannon, it seems Jesse has finally captured the attention of Heaven’s higher powers, with Fiore and DeBlanc receiving a call on their special phone. I’m excited to see where things go, but this week’s episode ultimately felt like the show was treading water, which isn’t what you want in such a short season.

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