‘Good Witch’ (Season 2): How the Story Continues

Good Witch Season 2

The second part of the Good Witch season finale aired last night on the Hallmark Channel, providing its fans with lots of charm and wonderment; but given that this is one of the top family-friendly shows on television right now, what else would you expect?

Over the course of the season, the weekly stories have been innocuous and sweet with just the right touch of magic, keeping in line with the show’s (and the movies on which the series is based) backbone. The charming little Midwest town of Middleton is filled with lots of sentiment, friendliness and even a bit of whimsy. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ups and downs for the characters – those ups and downs just aren’t earth-shattering.

For a number of weeks Nick Radford has been trying to decide if he will go aboard to London, spending a semester there. In the beginning, he thought it would simply be cool and a great way to get away from his overly-protective (at least in his eyes) dad. But as he spent more time contemplating the trip, he started to doubt if he would enjoy it as much as originally planned. And as we saw in the season finale, he decided not to go only to have an even more interesting proposition land in his lap. Nick learned that the funded dig to be overseen by Cassie’s old college friend John will include student interns, but it would only require a few weeks of his time rather than an entire semester. Sounds like a perfect compromise and a trip that Nick will enjoy even more than London.

Also for a number of weeks, Tara and Brandon have been considering starting a family. Well, let’s be more specific: Tara wants to start a family; but Brandon wasn’t quite on board. It would seem, over time however, that Brandon has “come around” to Tara’s way of thinking. But when she announced that she wanted to contact her mother, who abandoned her as a child, Brandon was even less enthusiastic about that than their having a child together. In fact, when Tara’s estranged mother actually called her, Brandon received the call (note to Tara: never leave your cell phone at home when you know you’ll be getting an important call) and didn’t tell her. That oversight on his part could cost him much more than he expected, though.

Then there is the ongoing relationship between Cassie Nightingale and her neighbor Dr. Sam Radford. When the series debuted back in February of 2015, it was eventually revealed that Cassie’s husband – Sheriff Jake Russell – was killed in the line of duty. And because of that loss, Cassie wasn’t quite ready to move on, but there was always an underlying electricity (albeit low-voltage) between them. As of last week, it was clear that Cassie was willing to start a relationship with Sam, but she was also worried about how their kids would handle the news as well as worrying that their friendship would be ruined should their relationship change.

As the final moments of the season finale played out, it was clear that Sam was pulled away from the Lights Festival – where they were to meet up – but what was the reason for his not being able to attend? We will have to wait to find out that answer – isn’t that how it always happens?

‘Good Witch’ has been renewed for a third season by Hallmark Channel. It will return, more than likely, sometime next year.