Beauty And The Beast “Down For The Count” Review (Season 4 Episode 3)

Beauty and the Beast s4e3

Cat in a cage fight? This week’s Beauty and the Beast really threw us a twist when Cat and Vincent went undercover into the world of underground fighting after Cat became an employee of the DHS, and the one that ended up in the ring. It was a nice change of pace to see B&B not follow down that predictable path, showcasing Vincent as the one who had to get his hands dirty.

It was initially Vincent, who was going to have to ground and pound his way through this secret world to get answers about the bounty on his head, but Cat proved just as effective when she rose up the ranks with her skills before she landed behind bars of steel in a formal setting where onlookers sat dressed up, enjoying dinner and drinking champagne.

Cat’s new role with the DHS also put her up against Tess. I didn’t see that coming. As B&B fans know well, these two have always partnered up. Watching Cat tell Tess that it was her case was uncomfortable. The blows didn’t stop coming for Tess either. J.T. lost his tenure, making it impossible to make rent. Tess didn’t know any of this until their landlord called. It looks like these two are headed down a bumpy path.

Heather was also having relationship issues this week. Trying to avoid Kyle, she spent most of the hour playing assistant to Cat and Vincent while unloading on JT. Is it me, or do these two always end up together? Maybe we’ll see a JT/Heather love affair?

By the close of the episode, Cat was victorious in putting away a Most Wanted on the DHS’ list, but didn’t manage to find the person who put a hit out on Vincent. Is there such a person?