Rizzoli & Isles “Cops vs. Zombies” Review (Season 7 Episode 3)

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On the latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles,” after back-to-back drama last week, we got a more light-hearted episode in the aptly-titled “Cops vs. Zombies,” which was just about what it sounded like- which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Yes, one could argue the show was coasting along on a sea of easy jokes and scenarios, but in a good way, IMHO. After the near deadly seriousness of the last few episodes- albeit understandably, given the serious nature of the subject matter- we kind of needed an episode like this, you know?

Besides, it’s not as if the show didn’t acknowledge the continuing fallout from those two previous episodes, mainly via Maura’s continuing drama over whether or not she was qualified to continue working her job in light of her ongoing memory loss, which was heartbreaking.

As with the previous episodes, Isles continued to forget the occasional turn of phrase or technical terminology, but it didn’t really seem to interfere with her job that much. Still, as the perfectionist we all know her to be, anything less than perfect was a hard pill to swallow, so by the end of the episode, she had attempted to tender her resignation to Rizzoli, who wasn’t having it.

Instead, Jane opted to hold onto the paperwork, saying they’d get into all that if need be later on, but at this juncture it was all a bit premature, which is true. On the plus side, thanks to Kent, Isles was able to potentially nail down the exact nature of her malady a bit more, which enabled her to look into it and think about possible things she could do to aid herself, like surgery.

The only problem was, though the surgery could indeed stop any further memory loss, it might also backfire and make things worse, if it failed. However, you’ve got to think, given Isles’ finances and high-standing in society, she’d probably have access to the best doctors there are, which would lessen the potential of it failing that much more, right?

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Whatever the case, we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. Elsewhere, we also had a somewhat aimless subplot about Angela returning to school to get her GED, which could have been mined for more laughs, especially with her hooking up with a study group that involved a hydroponics-minded student half her age, but not much came of it beyond Angela almost bailing on it before thinking twice about it when her actions caused said student to do the same.

Therefore, the gist of the show rested on the main case, and thankfully, it was a doozy, as a man dressed in a zombie outfit was pummeled to death in a fight with another man dressed as a zombie, which was witnessed by a thoroughly wowed kid (Elisha Henig), who also just so happened to be an “expert” in the field, thanks to his obsession with all things living dead.

It seems the two had been at a local “Zombie-Con” event, in which dressing up was encouraged and even welcomed, though, unfortunately for the team, it also made ID-ing a suspect tough going. This did result in an unlikely-but-highly-amusing “zombie line-up,” in which several members of the precinct, including Frankie (Jordan Bridges), had themselves made up as the undead to participate, when other attendees of the Con proved less than thrilled with the prospect. (“Zombie profiling- it’s a real thing,” suggested Frankie, humorously.)

It also exposed Jane’s lack of enthusiasm with the whole concept of zombies in general, which apparently stemmed from the teasing of Frankie of Jane, “Night of the Living Dead”-style, when they were kids. My favorite line came when Korsak, amused by a zombie Santa at the Con, noted that Santa could be a zombie, as he never aged, to which Rizzoli shot back, unamused, that Santa didn’t age because “he’s filled with the magic of Christmas.” LOL.

In the end, the zombie-on-zombie action stemmed from- what else?- the love of a fellow zombie girl, who the attacker was defending the honor of when the attackee attempted to steal her wallet. Unfortunately, said zombie had a complex stemming from a childhood incident that left his face and body scarred, which made the zombie make-up the perfect cover for someone like him, allowing him to move freely without being given a second glance- unlike his normal day-to-day existence.

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In the climax, he threatened to end his life for real, but the object of his affection stepped up and helped save the day by talking him off the ledge, literally, when Rizzoli and Co. cornered him on the top of a building.While jail time was inevitable, he did at least get involuntary manslaughter, so the possibility of early parole was there, which was something, given what a hard life the guy had because of his malady.

Needless to say, it was all a bit ludicrous, but fun, with plenty of one-liners and amusing scenarios, especially at the Con, which boasted, much to Rizzoli’s disdain, zombie kids and a “Bloody-Q,” aka a zombie-themed Bar-B-Que joint, and, but of course, a zombie pastor on hand to join two undead souls in unholy matrimony. Said Frankie, in their defense: “Can they help it if they find human brains delicious?”

As a huge zombie fan from way back myself- like Frankie, I grew up on a steady diet of Romero-era zombies, as well as the “Return of the Living Dead” and “Evil Dead” flicks (okay, the latter might technically qualify as the possessed, not the undead, but it was close enough for me)- so I just loved this.

There was plenty of nifty FX on display, and I got a kick out of Isles’ bemusement by the level of commitment from some of the attendees, in terms of getting the make-up right. I’m sure it was probably a bit much for non-zombie lovers, which I’m guessing a sizable chunk of the typical “Rizzoli & Isles” viewers are, but it was all in good fun, so it’s hard to imagine anyone being offended by it, really.

Yes, Rizzoli’s disdain was a bit much at times: did she really have to pull the plug on the jukebox after the zombies came in- at Korsak’s behest, mind you- and started dancing to a neo-“Thriller”-type tune? Probably not. But at least her lack of f*ck’s to give was consistent, I suppose, which is more than I can say for the burgeoning relationship with Frankie and Nina- why is she so concerned over Jane’s reaction to it, when Rizzoli probably doesn’t care one way or another?

All in all, though, it was a lot of fun, and my only real complaint is over the lack of cool stills to show you guys, of which I could literally find none. You’d think TNT would want to push this one more, what with the enormous success of “The Walking Dead” and so forth, but I couldn’t find a single promotional photo of this episode anywhere! Go figure. (Here’s a sexy photo of Sasha Alexander to make up for it. You’re welcome.)

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What did you think of the latest episode of “Rizzoli & Isles”? Are you also a zombie fan? If so, did you get a kick out of it? What did you make of the pint-sized fan with all his zombie “classifications”? How about the Con in general? Do you think Isles will have the surgery, and if so, will it be a success? Will Angela get her GED? Do you care? Sound off down below, and I’ll see you next week!