POLL: Do You Watch After Shows?

Talking Dead, Talking Bad, Anarchy Afterword, 2nd Watch, Talking Preacher

Recently I was cruising through the HBO schedule, and came across an interesting listing. Apparently there is a program called After the Thrones! Now, I don’t know why I was surprised, since I am a faithful viewer of AMC’s Talking Dead, and in addition to The Walking Dead if ever there was a show that needed an after show, it is Game of Thrones, with its complicated plot lines and long hiatus.

In fact, many shows could probably benefit from an after show to discuss what just occurred on the program because it seems that plot twists and turns are becoming more complicated by the day. But, I also think you need a certain type of fan base to sustain viewership. Looking at the list of programs that have or had after shows, you can see that indeed there does appear to be a particular type of show that seems to be able to support an after show.

I did a little research – and this is by no means exhaustive, so if I missed something, I apologize – and the following after shows either ran or are currently running in the US:

Talking Dead – The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead
Talking Bad – Breaking Bad
2nd Watch – Falling Skies (internet only)
Anarchy Afterword – Sons of Anarchy
Talking Saul – Better Call Saul
After the Black – Orphan Black
Talking Preacher – Preacher
Wolf Watch – Teen Wolf
After the Thrones – Game of Thrones

While it was pre-dated by after shows in the UK, for the US at least it seems that Talking Dead was the first of this kind of show, premiering after the second season episodes of The Walking Dead. Now, not all of these shows are weekly. Some have a limited run, like for instance Talking Preacher, which was only on after the premiere episode and will follow the final episode of the season. Then there is the case of 2nd Watch, which was only available online.

As I thought about it I began to wonder why people chose to watch or not watch these types of programs. Read the descriptions below and vote for what applies to you.

I Never Miss It!

Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead

When The Walking Dead is airing new episodes, I block out two hours on Sunday night so that I can watch both the new episode and the Talking Dead after show. For me it is a package deal. I watch for several reasons that include how I like to hear what others think about what just happened in the episode as well as speculation about future events. I enjoy the discussion of character motivations and behaviors. Oh, and I also like the quiz, interesting facts, and In Memoriam montage.

I Watch When I Have Time

Wil Wheaton - 2nd Watch

I am fortunate to be able to block out two hours of time, but I also record the show and after show in case I get interrupted. And, in that case, finding time to watch both hours can be difficult, so it is a certainly understandable how not everyone has time to watch an extra hour of programming.

I Watch Only When I Don’t Understand Something or Need More Information

Talking Dead
Maybe you do not care for the after show format, and only tune in to help you understand something in the episode that was unclear and for which you need a deeper understanding of what is going on with particular characters or situations.

I Never Watch

Talking Bad

Some people do not like to watch after shows. They may consider them a waste of time, or perhaps feel that the episode itself should be clear enough so that there would not be a need to have an after show discussion. Or, some people may turn to chat rooms and discussion forums after the episode to fill their need to talk about the episode.

More Than One of the Answers Above

Anarchy Afterword

Sometimes one reason is just not enough. If this applies to you, then please select this option!

What’s an After Show?

Talking Preacher

You may never have heard of an after show until you saw the title of this article and clicked on it to see what it was all about. If that is true, I hope you learned something interesting!


I said it above, but to be clear, I am squarely in the never miss it category for Talking Dead. But, now that I know about After the Thrones, I will have to see if I can find time to watch it too! So I suppose I should vote for the more than one answer category!

How about you? Vote for one of the categories and then tell me about your vote in the comments section below. As always, I love hearing your thoughts!