Preacher “Possibilities” Review (Season 1 Episode 3)

Preacher took a slower approach with its third episode, trading out the more bombastic moments in its first two outings for a greater focus on character work. While this made for a less visually exciting hour of television, “Possibilities” was still an engaging, entertaining episode.

The main focus of this episode, as suggested by the episode’s title, fell on Jesse exploring the limits of his new powers. This initially involved a fun scene with Jesse ordering Cassidy around like a puppet, but it quickly became apparent through the rest of the episode that the biggest limit to Jesse’s powers might be himself and how far he’s willing to go. He can’t make Cassidy name the governor if Cassidy doesn’t already know who that is, sure, but he also seems incapable of truly doing any good with his abilities, either.

He can make the pedophilic bus driver forget the girl he was obsessed with, but has he truly stopped him from just reforming the obsession all over again? He can make the brain-damaged girl from last episode open her eyes, but is he unable to truly bring her back? There seem to be limits on what Jesse can do, but the question is whether it’s because he can’t or because he isn’t pushing things far enough yet.

At the very least, it’s apparent that he doesn’t have to try too hard to cause the more twisted, evil things to happen. Never mind his unknowingly making Ted rip his own heart out in the pilot, Jesse comes dangerously close to having Donny blow his own brains out. He pulls back at the last second, but it suggests that Genesis – the force that’s taken up residence within him – may have chosen Jesse because he’s so close to falling back to the violence that defined his past.

It doesn’t help, then, that it still doesn’t seem like Jesse has a true ally to help him through everything. Tulip is determined to bring him back to his old ways, offering up the location of an old partner that screwed the two of them years earlier. Cassidy, meanwhile, is at least considering working with the angels hunting Jesse, though he also doesn’t seem to actually want any harm to come to the preacher. If anyone, there’s Emily, but she’s still too out of the loop to offer him any real assistance or advice.

So there was a lot to digest and consider with this episode, and that’s not even to mention the ongoing creepiness to be found at the Quinncannon Meat & Power facility. Though still a slow burn, things continue to heat up on Preacher, and I remain excited to see where things go.

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