Beauty And The Beast “Beast Interrupted” (Season 4 Episode 2)

Beauty and the Beast

Following the rude awakening Vincent and Cat faced in last week’s season four premiere, the race was back on both literally and figuratively this week for the newlyweds. In the opening scene, Vincent and Cat were jogging alongside another until Vincent’s worries over the bounty on his head got the best of him, propelling him into warp speed. The incident made Cat anxious too, as she feared onlookers would notice him.

These two can’t seem to catch a break, but Cat reassures him that they’ll face this latest issue together, the black market beast seller while unexpectedly becoming bodyguards to an heiress by the name of Bootsy Durbrige. Oh, and all of their secrets being revealed after a hacker breaks into the Homeland Security database and lets leak the existence of beasts. We also saw the return of Deputy Secretary Hill from last season. When the gang meets up with him this time around he isn’t willing to keep all of their secrets under his hat!

As the gang continues to investigate, they come in to contact with the socialite heiress after her apartment is blown up. She is the real target after it is learned that she helps authorities with wealthy informants. Wow, I didn’t expect that twist! She also knows how to throw down as we witnessed her knocking out poor JT so that she could go and get her sister from the club. She exposes herself to the public and the bad guys, foiling Cat and Tess’ plans to draw the bad guys out with a fake Bootsy, but they still manage to get the bad guys anyways.