Rizzoli & Isles “Two Shots: Move Forward” Review (Season 7 Episode 1)

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On the first of two back-to-back episodes of “Rizzoli & Isles,” the team dealt with the fallout from the attack at Korsak’s wedding, while the hunt for Alice Sands (Annabeth Gish) went into overdrive, in “Two Shots: Move Forward.” But would catching Sands prove easier said than done?

We began right where we left off, as we finally saw who was left standing in the attack. It turns out that relative newbie Nina (Idara Victor) was the one who bore the brunt of it, but fortunately for her, as she wasn’t the target, it proved to be a through-and-through shoot that she was able to emerge from relatively okay after surgery.

Not faring as well, alas, was our Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander), who wasn’t shot, but fell and hit her head in the ensuing melee after the shooting, which resulted in a concussion with some nasty side effects, like internal bleeding and cognitive impairment- the latter of which is particularly not good when a lot of your job depends on your smarts.

Not all of the fallout was physical, however, as the wedding guests were also more than a little rattled by the attack. Indeed, Angela’s boyfriend Ron’s daughter came to see her to vent her frustrations and upset over having heard about the attack on the news and having to explain it to her own daughter.

This led Angela (Lorraine Bracco) to ultimately break things off with Ron (Gregory Harrison), not wanting to have to expose him and his family to the life of being involved with a cop’s mother, which she knew all too well could result in such things.

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Thankfully, though understandably more than a little taken aback by the event herself, Kiki (Christina Chang) proved supportive to her own husband, Korsak (Bruce McGill), in the long run, though she had to seek out a little help from Angela her own self. Be that as it may, I sense a retirement for Korsak coming sooner than later, between this and that whole minefield incident last season.

With all of that behind them, the team doubled-down on finding Alice, who escaped in the aftermath of the attack, seemingly out of nowhere. A look into the truck that dropped her off proved fruitless, as the company was one of Nina’s own, and the driver had no idea she was even in the truck in the first place.

The company was but one of many that Alice was the sole shareholder of, serving as a shell corporation for her (literally, as it turned out) underground drug trafficking operation. A thorough investigation of the truck, as well as the alleyway that Alice went missing in yielded absolutely nothing, as Alice apparently knew how to cover her tracks, having trained to be a police officer herself.

Indeed, as we discovered, that last part was crucial, as it was the real reason Alice was targeting Rizzoli (Angie Harmon), as Alice attended the police academy at the same time as Rizzoli, who she felt had stolen her thunder by excelling at everything. This led to Alice eventually giving up and bailing from her training, and subsequently falling into a life of crime, all of which she blamed Rizzoli for personally.

Knowing this, Rizzoli used it against her to draw Alice out, by calling her out on television in a press conference, which, needless to say, did not go over well with Alice- or Rizzoli’s people, for that matter, with Korsak in particular hitting the roof about it. Fortunately, Rizzoli was essentially given a slap on the wrist about the affair, and merely told to no longer speak to the press, as she wasn’t “camera-friendly” enough.


The team finally discovered the connection between Alice and prison therapist Joe Harris, who it turns out, was also a consultant to several of Alice’s companies. Harris, you’ll recall, was the one who kidnapped Maura and taunted Rizzoli about it before being hunted down and killed by Rizzoli last season. He was also likely the culprit who burnt down Rizzoli’s apartment as well.

It seems that Alice had discovered that Harris had financial problems and was near-bankrupt, so Alice bailed him out, using the move as leverage to start a romantic relationship with him, albeit as a means to an end, as Alice used Harris to do her dirty work from there on out. (She also did a similar thing with prison girlfriend Nicole, the woman she bailed on in the State Trooper shooting in last season’s finale.)

A second look at the alleyway proves to be the break in the case, as Rizzoli spots a sewer grate in the area in which Alice disappeared. Sure enough, there are some footprints there, but they taper off in the tunnels, which are labyrinthine and thus, Alice could have gone anywhere from there.

It does give them a crucial clue, however, as they realize that the tunnels were how Alice ran drugs in town, using them to move undetected all over town. To do so, Alice used street kids that were living in said tunnels, giving them food and money in exchange for their help. The cops confirmed this, saying they had ran the kids off time and again from the area.

Indeed, in one instance, they had caught one of the teens with drugs, but he had dumped them in the ensuing chase, leaving them nothing to charge him with, save trespassing. Korsak has the young man in question brought in and offers him a deal to talk, but he refuses to, even after Rizzoli threatens to charge him with accessory to attempted murder after the fact for the wedding shooting.

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While Isles tests the young man’s clothes for drugs or anything else that can connect him to the crime, Rizzoli and Korsack go and talk to some of the other street kids, who also refuse to cooperate. Although, one of them does deliver a message to Rizzoli, telling her that “Alice says hello.” It proves to be an address that Alice wants to meet her at, telling her to come alone, but of course.

The team plot out the meet, attempting to account for anything and everything that could go wrong, by arranging to have cops placed at every conceivable exit to ensure Alice is caught, as well as making sure that Rizzoli can’t be ambushed at any given point in the tunnels where she and Alice are to meet. Naturally, Alice opts to meet in another area other than the one she uses to run the drugs, not wanting to give away her routes for that.

Rizzoli thinks it’s all a wild goose chase and that Alice needs to regroup after the failed shooting attempt, which proves not entirely wrong. Frankie suggests they instead look in the area that the teen was caught running drugs instead, with Isles narrowing it down even more using the particulates found on his clothes and Nina pinpointing the location from there.

Rizzoli decides to set a trap for Alice, hoping she’ll take the bait and come out of hiding. Sure enough, she finds a group of kids down there, with Alice hiding amongst them. Alice fires off a shot at Rizzoli, using the kids as a sort of human shield to protect herself. (Real nice there, Alice!)

Rizzoli taunts her about the academy, saying that, if Alice had stayed on the right path, she’d probably have been Chief by now, with her skills. The teens use the moment to seal Rizzoli in with them so that her back-up can’t get in. Rizzoli demands Alice put down the gun, but instead, she hands it to one of the teens and instructs him to kill everyone, forcing Rizzoli to shoot him.

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Alas, Alice escapes once again in the ensuing chaos, not to be found again by Rizzoli or anyone else in the tunnels. Defeated, Rizzoli heads back to her new place, which belongs to a professor Isles knows who is on sabbatical out of the country. Isles breaks the news to Rizzoli about her situation and says that she should be fine, as the internal bleeding has stopped, but that she is forgetting certain things and may need her help, at least for a while.

We end the first episode with Rizzoli heading to church to confess for the first time in ages, but not for what she’s done in the past, but what she’s going to do in the near-future, heavily implying that she’s going to kill Alice for all that she’s done to Rizzoli’s loved ones. This can’t end well, right?

All in all, this was a solid enough premiere, with lots of drama and action, but it still made a little time for laughs as well. The bits with Isles beckoning Kent (Adam Sinclair) with a bell whenever she needed something was fun, and I got a kick out of the priceless expression on Frankie’s face when he got a whiff of his sister after she was in the sewer and she pre-emptively struck him in anticipation of any wise-crack he might have been going to make.

Yes, they did drag out the Alice thing for yet another episode, but given all the set-up that led to this, it felt reasonably justified to me. Besides, after evading Rizzoli and company for so long, you have to think it wasn’t going to be so easy to catch her, right?

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait that long for a resolution, as the show opted to air what amounted to the conclusion of the storyline in the following episode, which was shown immediately after this one.

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Join me for the review of that episode later on, and let me know what you thought about this episode down below!