Summertime… and the Viewing is Easy?

Braindead, Preacher, Cleverman, Killjoys, Person of Interest

You all know the old song, reflecting the more laid back atmosphere and pace of the summer months. Well, I am here to report to you that TV is not embracing that attitude! As I look down the long list of TV shows I need to schedule for the summer, it appears that I will be busy as ever! The interesting thing is that of all the summer programs on my list, only three are new this year. All the others are returning shows I follow. Let’s start there since that list is short!

BrainDead, premiering Monday, June 13 on CBS


This program is being described as a comic-thriller by CBS. Sure, why not? Comedy will always have a place at the table, because even in the darkest show typically there is comic relief thrown in, unless you are a zombie show on AMC or a vampire show on FX.

Full disclosure since this program is about Washington DC political leaders and I don’t want to end up having to erase tapes or anything; I live in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area along with upwards of 4 million other people. While I echo the sentiments of Laurel, one of the lead characters in BrainDead who states in the preview “I hate politics,” the reality is we can’t escape it!

But, I do love sci-fi and comedy, and when you combine politics and comedy, well, you know that there will be some skewering – which is how I prefer my political types! The previews and description of this show makes it sound like a combination of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Conspiracy” where parasites infested Star Fleet leaders and Lt. Remmick who was controlled by the primary parasite ended up with an exploded head, and V or any other invasion program where someone knows what is going on but is hard pressed to stop it! Oh, and then there is Tony Shaloub. What’s not to like?

Preacher, premiered Sunday, May 22 on AMC

Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy - Preacher

This is one weird program. But, heck, it involves a vampire, a woman who knows how to creatively improvise weapons, and an entity that seems to have come from space or somewhere “out there.” All my sci-fi senses are tingling. I am relieved that there was a Talking Preacher after show for the pilot, because I am not sure I would have understood the first episode if not for the discussion on that show!

I cannot wait to see where this program goes. Yes, I know it is based on a comic book of the same name, which I have not read, but in most cases TV adaptations of comic books do not seem to follow the story line directly. It will also be interesting to see how the comic books fans feel about the series.

Cleverman, premiered Wednesday, June 1 on Sundance

Cleverman 4

I missed the premiere of this show, but noticed a comment about it at the bottom of the summer show premiere list on this website. Lucky for me, the first episode repeats so I will be able to tape it and watch it!

The program is based in Australia, and draws from the Aboriginal Australian’s mythology of creatures. It is also set in Australia, in a dystopian future, and contains supernatural elements. That is enough to draw me in, so I am looking forward to seeing this show!

Returning for the Last Time

Jane, Maura, Hank, Evan, Root, John, Lionel, Sameen, Harold - Person of Interest, Royal Pains, Rizzoli and Isles

On my list of returning summer shows are some that sadly are in their final season. I will miss all of these shows very much!

Royal Pains (USA May 18) – Will Hank ever find true love?

Rizzoli and Isles (TNT, June 6) – Will Jane and Maura’s friendship endure? Will Vince find happiness in retirement?

Person of Interest (CBS, May 3) – I am loving how Bear is in every episode this season, but will anyone survive?

The Rest of the List

Dutch, John, D'Avin, One, Two, Five, Six - Dark Matter and Killjoys

The rest of my returning shows will hopefully be around for more than just one more season.

Wayward Pines (Fox, May 25) – Will they learn from what went wrong the first time?

The Last Ship (TNT, June 12) – Now what?

The Night Shift (NBC, June 1) – This show is like a soap opera, but is so fast paced sometimes you don’t notice.

Major Crimes (TNT, June 13) – What will our gang at the major crimes division be up to this year?

Murder in the First (TNT, June 19) – I can’t wait to see what the ongoing case will be this season.

Angie Tribeca (TBS, June 6) – I binged the first season back in the winter, so am ready for what season two may hold. This program is reminiscent of The Naked Gun movies.

Zoo (CBS, June 28) – Holy cow, the previews show human mutations now! Hold onto your hats!

Killjoys (Syfy, July 1) – Loved this show last year, and looking forward to seeing more!

Dark Matter (Syfy, July 1) – Ditto to what I said about Killjoys. These two programs are a fun Friday night treat!

The Strain (FX, August 28) – Can humanity be saved?

Halt and Catch Fire (AMC, premiere date not yet announced) – What’s new for mutiny this year?

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, August 21) – Will the group stay separated or come back together at some point?


What is on your summer viewing list? Are you trying a lot of the new shows or sticking with your old favorites? Do you have any shows that are ending this summer? Sound off in the comments section below – I love reading what others are watching and why!