Preacher “See” Review (Season 1 Episode 2)

So, who’s still here and ready for more of the insanity? The second episode of Preacher was all about expansion, providing a more in-depth look at the town and deepening the central relationships between Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy. “See” also saw Jesse gain a greater awareness of his new powers, as well as the threats he’s begun to attract as a result.

While there was plenty of great action and visual effects at play in this episode, the standout moments for me came down to Jesse’s conversations with Tulip and Cassidy. In the former, we got a better idea of how messed up Jesse’s relationship to Tulip was. She made some not-so-subtle references to how obsessed with Jesse she was in the pilot, but it’s now clear how far she’s willing to go to push and goad him back into his old life, whether that means an inappropriate appearance at the church baptisms or kidnapping and pretending to chain him up.

Cassidy, meanwhile, isn’t nearly as determined to see Jesse fall, but he’s definitely not on board with Jesse’s selfless vision. Watching the two get drunk, argue, and insult one another was a lot of fun, and though their ideologies are different, it’s a scene that shows these two are destined to be fast friends. At the very least, Cassidy likes Jesse enough to decide not to steal his car and skip town.

Cassidy’s return led into another great action scene for the show, as Cassidy fought the two strange men seeking to remove the extraterrestrial entity from Jesse’s body. Aside from just providing a stellar, bloody fight scene built around a chainsaw, it also made clear that, as selfish as Cassidy would like to appear, he’s still the sort of guy to save a friend’s life and then hide the bodies.

Of course, who knows if those bodies are even still there, as the episode ends with the two men talking to the sheriff as if they hadn’t been chopped into bloody chunks the night prior. It’s here that the show has really started to delve into the supernatural, providing Jesse with a pair of seemingly unkillable assailants while also showing the growing range of his powers. Not only does he use his power to beat and mind-wipe a potential pedophile, the episode ends on him possibly restoring a mentally-damaged coma patient to health. There’s still a lot to be revealed about what exactly Jesse Custer is capable of, and I’m excited to find out.

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