Beauty and the Beast “Monsieur et Madame Bete” (Season 4 Episode 1)

Beauty Beast s4e1

The fourth season of Beauty and the Beast kicked off with the girls versus the guys. After seeing Cat and Vincent finally wed in the season 3 finale, the show picks up with the gang all trying to live normal lives.

It was clear that was impossible when Vincent beasted out in Paris on his honeymoon to save a couple from their burning car while J.T. realized that the existence of beasts where still a hot top on the blogosphere. When it rains it pours and that was the case for the three, including Heather and Tess, who is determined to leave anything beast behind her. Meanwhile, Cat also wants to move on and be normal, but how normal can life be when your husband is a beast?

Tess wants to be an adult, enjoy J.T. moving in with her and carry on. But J.T. (as he explains later) cannot ignore or deny something that has shaped and formed him so much, and for the better. J.T. and Heather (who definitely is a funny mix of brains and bubbles) decide to do a little B&E job to take down the blogger. When they arrive they discover a hardcore assassin who has already killed the blogger and the hard drive.

Of course, all of this brings Cat and Vincent home and into the thick of things with Cat acting as the bait to catch the assassin. It was clear (while hanging out in a busy area of the city) that things were bound to go wrong when Cat kept teased Vincent about making sure he rescued her. She was gone in the blink of an eye, making us wonder if the writers would turn this into a major conflict or just a short-lived one.

Going with the latter, we see Cat being held hostage with her wrists tied together from rafters above. In an impressive scene she holds her own as she swings about and on top of a beam, unties herself and dodges some flying bullets from her captor. Okay, truth be told – the whole thing was impossible and unbelievable, unless your the Arrow. Vincent shows up at the right time and beasts out. In the end, the assassin gets impaled during all of the fighting.

Not a bad episode, but as I viewer I enjoy when the show keeps it simple with comedy and action. Let’s hope Cat’s beam swinging techniques aren’t an indication of what’s to come.