Royal Pains “Fly Me to Kowloon” Review (Season 8, Episode 3)

Fly Me to Kowloon

The final season of the long-running USA Network drama Royal Pains actually returned a couple weeks ago and since then we’ve learned that Raj and Divya are now married with a baby on the way; Hank is trying to find true love while Evan and Paige are desperately trying to get pregnant; Hank and Evan’s dad ran out on Mrs. Newberg on their wedding day (OMG!) and Jeremiah has parents who are very down-to-Earth people who have tried very hard to relate to their unusual son.

As for last night’s new episode of the show’s eighth season, there was quite a bit going on (as usual) in the Hamptons but also in Hong Kong where Hank had jetted off with his original benefactor Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz (try saying that three times fast, I dare you!).

It was not only time for the big reveal of Boris’s inherited disease to the public via a special seminar being held in Hong Kong but also the results of the drug trial for which Hank has been spearheading and for which Boris was “Patient 0”.

The response by the press to the revelation was to be expected: they either didn’t believe it or wanted more details than even Hank could provide. But one thing was for sure: one of Boris’s adversaries was out for blood – literally!

I thought it was quite ingenious of Hank [he has been known to create medical “miracles” (if you will) with MacGyver-like techniques] to use an old college trick, drawing blood from Boris’s arm that was actually his own blood in order to draw (no pun intended) out the competitor who is after Boris. Fans will recall there was a breach of hospital records at Hamptons Heritage, but only Boris’s records were affected.

Who is after Boris this time and why?

Back in the Hamptons, Divya had a new patient to deal with while Hank was away: a reclamation specialist (i.e., a “repo” man) who was a bit like Robin Hood, “stealing” from the uber-rich to give back to the companies for whom the rich owed a lot of money. The problem was, though, that he was very sick with symptoms that were puzzling to Divya until Evan inadvertently helped her figure out the situation.

Then there was the dinner party planned by Paige and Divya as a way to “break the ice” (so to speak) to Evan that Paige has decided to undergo IVF (in vitro fertilization). Their plan didn’t work out quite the way they expected, but in the end Evan was the one to surprise his wife Paige by saying they should give it a try. In fact, he had been waiting months for his wife to make the decision herself. Our little Evan has finally grown up!

Oh, and then there was Hank’s interesting little fling with a researcher – Amy Chang – who he met at the seminar in Hong Kong. While they had a lot in common and we’re quite taken with each other, it all came down to Amy not having much time for a relationship and Hank finally ready for a commitment. Will Hank ever find true love?

Maybe we’ll find out in next week’s 100th episode when Hank’s original love interest Jill Casey returns to the Hamptons. Make sure to watch the next episode of ‘Royal Pains’ on the USA Network on Wednesday, June 8 at 10/9c.