Pretty Little Liars: Questions We Need Answered in the Final Season!

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Tick-Tock Bitches! Nope, not being impatient or rude- that would be the title of the Season 7 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars,” which also, sadly, marks the beginning of the end for our favorite show, as this will indeed be the final season.

As we mark down the days until the show returns, I thought I’d make a list of some of the many questions we need answers for by the end of the series. Feel free to add your own in the comments section if I forgot anything major!

1.What is Mary Drake really up to?

One of the big reveals last season was that Jessica DiLaurentis had the dreaded “Evil Twin”- aka Mary Drake, also played by Andrea Parker, who will be promoted to series regular in the final season. We know that she was involved in a plot with Dr. Rollins to secure the majority rights in the Carissimi Group by gaslighting Alison, which they succeeded in doing by the season’s end.

But is there a specific reason she wants it, or is it purely financially driven? I somehow doubt it. I think there’s more to it than the money, and we need to find out what that reason is this season. Obviously, vengeance for her late daughter is part of it as well. What is her endgame, assuming she has one?

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2.Why is Dr. Rollins involved and what is his real motivation for aiding Drake?

It’s possible that Rollins could just be in it for the money, but if so, what exactly was his motivation for involving himself with Charlotte? Was it purely to get to Alison through her, or was there more to it? Was it also romantic in nature, possibly? It sure seemed like he had genuine feelings for Charlotte, much more so than Alison.

3.What is the Carissimi Group and what are they up to?

Mary Drake and Dr. Rollins certainly went to lengths to secure controlling interest in the company. But why? Is it simply to have access to their resources? What exactly does the company do, anyway? What is the nature of their business?

Note that they had all that spying equipment in the episode in which Charlotte was exposed, in “Game Over, Charles.” (The room that looked like it could be the site for filming a “Star Trek” knock-off.) They were also connected to Radley and the doll factory. Why?

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4.What happened to Jenna and what has she been up to?

Jenna has been MIA for some time, but she was obviously involved in a lot of what was going on, especially in the past. Reports have it that she will be heavily involved in next season- but in what capacity? Is she blind or not? And if she is involved with Uber-A, how so? What is the connection there?

5.How is Melissa involved exactly?

We know that Melissa and Jenna were both part of the NAT club and that they were working together at one point. But to what ends? We never quite got the skinny on what the NAT club were up to, beyond filming people without their knowledge and that Alison was, at one time, blackmailing them. Could this be connected to Jenna and Melissa’s motivations?

As my loyal readers know, I’ve long since thought Melissa was a major player in the action and possibly even Uber-A herself, possibly in cahoots with Dr. Wren. We know she is capable of both murder and covering it up and going to lengths to do so, so it’s certainly possible. Even actress Torrey DeVitto thinks there’s more to the story.

6.What happened to Dr. Wren and is he involved with what’s going on?

If Melissa is involved, you can be sure that Dr. Wren is as well. He had all sorts of access to Radley, having worked there, and almost certainly knew Charlotte was actually Charles and of her relationship to the DiLaurentis family and Mary Drake. At the very least, he knows a hell of a lot more than he lets on. We’d better find out what that is this season!

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7.Who kidnapped Hanna, and how did they know about the hidden tunnel at the Lost Woods Resort?

We know that it wasn’t Mary who took Hanna, as she was spotted and photographed outside the Resort and couldn’t have done it. Was it Uber A? Assuming so, to what end, really? It seems like it was Mary who wanted vengeance for her daughter Charlotte, not Uber A, who seemed more like they were trying to cover it up, and thus was the one who actually killed her.

Why would Uber A want to kill and/or kidnap Hanna, when she might have been their alibi, having faux-confessed to their crimes? Whoever it was must have had some connection to the Lost Woods Resort as well, or they wouldn’t have known about the secret tunnel.

8.Who is AD, if not Alison?

The liars and company got a message from an AD, thanking them for their help in the finale. As Alison was already interred in the institution, who was that, really? Might it be Andrew?

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9.How about Andrew? How involved is he and what has he been up to?

We already know that Andrew was involved as it was. But what exactly was his motivation and how is he connected? We know that the footage we saw of a young Ali, Charles and Jason was shot at his family’s farm, so that’s one connection, and that he was listening in on the girls via a bug at one point, but to what end, exactly?

He claimed it was to “help” them, but was it really? We also know that he was adopted. Might that have something to do with it? I mentioned in my review of the last season finale that the Drakes used to own the Campbell farm- might he be Charlotte’s brother? That would certainly explain why he might help her.

10.What the hell does Shower Harvey have to do with anything and what is she up to now?

We know that Sara was up to something at the Radley and clearly looking for something. Was it the records about Charlotte the girls and Mona found? If not, what? Why was she involved in the first place? What is the connection between her and Charlotte? Why would she do all the things she did as The Black Widow and Redcoat? What is her endgame?

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11.Who killed Maya? Or is she even really dead? What exactly did Maya “know,” as per Mona’s suggestion?

This one is admittedly going back a ways, but we never did find out who killed Maya– or if she was even officially dead, even. Also, Mona said at one point that “Maya knew.” What did she know, and did it get her killed- or is she dead at all? This really needs to be answered at some point.

12.How involved is Mona, if at all?

I’m not entirely convinced that Mona is truly “out of the game.” Mona always has a hidden agenda. Note that she stayed behind in the aforementioned “control room” after the girls left in “Game Over, Charles.” What did she discover and how is she using it to her advantage, assuming she is? Does she have a side “game” going on as well?

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13.Cece, aka Charlotte, aka Charles, adopted the surname of Drake at one point- did she know Mary was her real mother? Is finding Mary what got her killed? Who killed her?

The fact that Cece went by Cece Drake when she first arrived in Rosewood would seem to indicate that she knew exactly who her mother really was. Was her getting close to Ali and Jason an attempt to find her real mother? Did she ever?

If Mary is to be believed, she is doing what she is doing to avenge her daughter’s murder. Did Charlotte ever even get to talk to Mary before her death? If so, what did they talk about? Did Mary help Charlotte get funding for the Dollhouse? Was she involved with its planning? What did Charlotte do exactly that got her killed?

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14.Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

We also never found out who killed Jessica. Might whoever it was have thought it was Mary? What was the killer’s motivation? Or was it Mary herself who killed Jessica? How much did Jessica really know about what was going on? Was that what got her killed?

15.Who is Uber-A?

The big one, obviously. Who has been the mastermind all along? Why did they do it? What do they have against the girls in particular? How have they pulled all the crazy things off that they have? Is it a team or one person? Where did they get their funding? This is possibly the answer fans want the most, and I think it’s safe to say it better be good!

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Well, that about sums it up. How about you? Any questions I didn’t address? Any ideas about the answers to any of the above? Share your crazy theories down below and see you for the big premiere on June 21st!