‘Supernatural’ (Season 11): Darkness vs. Light

Supernatural -- "We Happy Few"

It has all been coming down to this: the Darkness vs. the Light

The Winchester Brothers on Supernatural have been trying to figure out a way to stop Amara (aka the Darkness), who as it turned out is none other than the sister of God himself, all season long. We didn’t realize who or what exactly she was when she was introduced in the season premiere, but we learned soon enough just “who” she was and we also learned she wanted to hurt her big brother.

That’s a problem when you’re talking about your brother being God, though, right? This is sibling rival at its utmost. And in the season finale, their rivalry could have ended the world.

Given that Amara has believed that she and Dean have a connection because he was the one who set her free from the prison for which she spent millennia trapped inside, he was the one tasked to end her.

The unlikely team of Castiel (who was finally parted from Lucifer thanks to, of all people, Amara), Crowley and his mother Rowena, Sam and Dean, God himself (who we learned has been masquerading as Chuck the Prophet – who could have guessed that unexpected reveal, right?!) and even Ripper Billie devised a plan to take her out with a bomb made of hundreds of thousands of souls.

That bomb was implanted inside of Dean thanks to Rowena’s power, but when he had the stand-off with Amara, she knew exactly what they had planned; and she revealed to Dean that it wasn’t her that was causing the Sun to die: it was actually God. She had fatally wounded her big brother in last week’s episode, and because he was slowly dying so was the Sun, and, in essence, so was she and the world.

But rather than end each other, God (aka Chuck) and Amara, remarkably, reconciled their massive differences, saving Dean in the process, bringing the Sun back and saving the world. That’s all well and good, but now Sam (at least) has to deal with the representative from the Men of Letters, London House.

And to make matters worse, Tunie, the Men of Letters representative, seemingly shot Sam (shortly after sending Castiel God only knows where) AND to make matters a little better, Dean found their mother very much alive (WHAT?!?). Needless to say, next season is going to be extremely intense.

What are your thoughts on the latest season? Did you expect to see God and Amara reconcile? Did you expect to see Crowley and Rowena working together with Sam and Dean? Do you think they will go back to their evil ways? Was that really Sam and Dean’s mother? After all, Amara said she was going to give something back to Dean that was taken from him. Do you think that Sam was fatally or mortally wounded by Tunie? Will Tunie be the new big bad or will there be bad ramifications of Mary Winchester returning? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

‘Supernatural’ will be back for a 12th season on The CW this fall.