Nashville “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday” Review (Season 4, Episode 21) [Series Finale]


For four seasons fans have been watching the ABC musical-themed soap opera Nashville, getting invested in the lives of characters like: Rayna James (and her daughters Maddie and Daphne), Deacon Claybourne, Juliet Barnes, Scarlett O’Connor, Gunnar Scott, Avery Barkley, Luke Wheeler, Will Lexington and Layla Grant (among others).

To say that each of their lives have been a roller coaster ride would be putting things lightly. Between dealing with relationship crises, life-long addictions, money issues, sibling rivalry, family complications, morality, and countless hit songs and albums, the show has put these characters through the ringer.

And the series finale was no different with Scarlett and Gunnar running their course as The Exes; Avery finally learning just how crazy Layla is; Juliet dealing with (and coming clean on) what really happened the night Jeff Fordham died, Rayna and Deacon being worried about their daughter Maddie working with a well-known producer (who made a move on Rayna back in the day); and Will Lexington facing down the national newscaster who was wreaking havoc on his life and career.

While the show may have come to an unwanted end for many of its fans, leaving some stories a bit unfinished, ‘Nashville’ brought its viewers four pretty amazing years of complicated, interesting and fun stories and lots and lots of great music. It also put a lot of talented actors, actresses and singers to the national stage and the attention of viewers all over the world.

One of those storylines that was left unfinished (what a cliffhanger!!) was Juliet coming back to Nashville to an awaiting Caydence and Avery only to have the reveal that the airport received a distress signal from her plane. That has got to hurt the fans!!

Also several of the storylines that did get resolved (as best they could) were Rayna and Deacon getting their daughter Maddie back. As fans know, she (on advice from her “friend” Cash) emancipated herself from her parents only to learn almost too late that she wasn’t quite ready to be an adult; Gunnar and Scarlett ended up kissing on stage in front of a packed audience, which was especially sweet since she proclaimed she was in love with him) and Will and Kevin getting back together.

It wasn’t a perfect series finale, especially given that even many of the cast members were taken by surprise at the cancellation news, but it’s the best one we are going to get.

If you are a fan of ‘Nashville,’ what are your thoughts on this final season? Were you expecting the show to be cancelled? Have you taken part in the petition to attempt to save the show? Were you happy with the way most of the storylines ended? How would you have liked to see the Juliet cliffhanger end? Please share your thoughts on the final season of the show and your overall thoughts on the series as a whole in our comments section below.

While fans are working on a petition to save the show in some form or another, ‘Nashville’ has run its four-year course on ABC.