Gotham “Transference” Review (Season 2 Episode 22)

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On the season finale of “Gotham,” as expected, all hell broke loose at Arkham Asylum, as well as underground lab Indian Hill, but who, if anyone, would be left standing? In “Transference,” we found out, and the answer was more or less everyone- though there were quite a few new faces set to join the general population, for better or…well, actually, it’s pretty much guaranteed for the worse, really.

We began with Bullock ordering a team to bust into Arkham, only to be stopped by Gordon, who claimed all was well and that they should just back off. He catches a ride back to the precinct with them, and almost immeidately it’s obvious that something’s a bit off about this Gordon, but alas, Bullock doesn’t pick up on it, which doesn’t exactly speak highly of his detecting skills.

Ed asks a captured Bruce and Fox who runs Indian Hill, and Bruce says Wayne Enterprises, but then he asks them who runs Wayne Enterprises, and it’s not immediately clear what he’s talking about. Ed says if they don’t come up with an answer he will gas them to death. They don’t know, so he does- only not to death, only to unconsciousness.

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Strange gives the real Gordon a truth serum and, posing as God, “takes away” his guilt, telling him that love is all that matters and that he should have went after Dr. Thompkins, least of all when he discovered that she lost the baby. Unfortunately, he also tells him it’s too late to do so now, as the bomb will kill him within a couple of hours.

He also determines that Gordon has no idea about the “secret council” involved with Arkham and Indian Hill, only that Strange is “making monsters.” After determining that the same can be said about Bruce and Fox, he has Ed locked back up again, much to his chagrin, then reports the good news to “Madame” of said council.

Be that as it may, the council still wants Indian Hill destroyed and Arkham abandoned, so they tell him to set the bomb anyway, but as a consolation prize, he may take his “monsters” with him to the new location upstate, but only if he’s careful not to let any of them loose in the world. She also orders him to kill Gordon, Bruce and Fox for good measure, clueless as they may be.

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Fish confronts Mrs. Peabody, trying to get her close enough to touch so she can manipulate her with her newfound persuasive skills, but strikes out the first time out, though she does land a “mama” jab, to which Peabody amusing says: “You best not talk about my mama.”

Penguin is holed up at his father’s mansion, where a newly-recruited Barbara helps him decorate the place- with Grace Van Dahl’s head, which is literally on a pedestal. Butch isn’t thrilled about all this insanity (“I don’t know nothing about interior decorating.”), but goes along with it, so as to not get on the wrong side of crazy. Penguin hears word of the business with Strange on the radio and sends Barbara down to the precinct for more info.

Bruce and Fox wake up, shocked to still be alive, and find Gordon there with them, strapped down to a chair. Still under the influence of the truth serum, he apologizes to Bruce for making that oath to find his parents’ killer, saying it was wrong-headed and he should have known better.

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Bruce is a bit taken aback, but says it’s fine, Gordon tried his best. Selina comes in and warns Bruce that the place is about to blow sky high and that Strange is going to be relocating elsewhere. She tells Bruce she’s going to stick with Firefly to make sure she gets out okay and leaves with some guards keeping a close eye on her.

Peabody returns to Fish’s cell to drug her and load her onto the bus with the rest of Strange’s monsters, but this time she successfully touches her and is able to manipulate Peabody into releasing her altogether. Strange gets his stuff and is preparing to leave when he spots them and figures out what’s going on.

He tries his best to convince Fish to back off and says that she doesn’t know what she’d be doing by letting his creations loose on the world. He tells her how she is his favorite one out of all of them, but Fish balks at his sweet talk (“You would have made a great pimp.”) and sends Peabody after him.

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Strange rushes to the bomb location and sets it for thirty minutes and knocks out Peabody in the process. Strange also locks down the facility completely, denying Fish access to the outside and trapping her and his creations on the bus inside, which doesn’t go over well with her, needless to say.

Barbara goes into the precinct and demands to talk to an all-too-willing Gordon. In no time, she pegs the man for an imposter, especially when he comes onto her and, when she asks him about Dr. Thompkins, he says: “Screw that ho- water under the bridge.” Doofy Gordon is officially my favorite new character, lol, as short-lived as he might be. Loved the way he slurped down that drink!

Barbara flat-out decks Gordon, which literally knocks his face out of whack, and it’s revealed to everyone that it’s not Gordon at all, but Basil, aka “Clayface.” The cops are flabbergasted, especially Bullock, who had no idea, and even Alfred, who really should have known better, given Basil’s bizarre tone of voice and general actions.

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Strange sees Selina coming out of the room Gordon and company were being held in and orders Mr. Freeze to kill her. Firefly steps up and says that won’t be happening, and the two have a pretty bad-ass battle of fire and ice.

Selina uses the opportunity to free Bruce and everyone else, and Strange makes a run for it, getting caught in the crossfire of his two creations and nearly becoming the living equivalent of an Icy-Hot pack in the process.

Gordon smacks Strange around until he finally snaps out of it, but Strange refuses to help Gordon get back in the facility to stop the bomb. To make matters worse, there’s revealed to be radioactive material on site, which could make for an even bigger disaster. Selina suggests they get Ed to help, which does the trick and the facility comes off of lockdown.

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Unfortunately, this also means that Fish is able to get out of there with her bus full of nightmares, which she does in no time. As all this is going on, Bullock rallies the troops to descend upon Arkham once again and Barbara gives Penguin a heads-up about it all and he also assembles a team, including Butch and a bunch of other well-armed thugs.

Fox and Gordon send Bruce and the rest out of harm’s way and locate the bomb. As they are contemplating how to deactivate the bomb, Peabody wakes up and stops them, saying they need water.

Gordon runs to get some and pours it into the circuitry, shorting out the bomb in the process, just in the nick of time. Ironically, Gordon discovers that Peabody was just requesting a glass of water, not that they use it to take out the bomb with!

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The cops arrive, with some of them going after an escaping Fish and the others descending upon Arkham. Strange is caught and arrested and everyone is safe- for now, though Strange is clearly more than a little concerned about his creations being out in the world. Gordon fills Bullock in on what’s happening and tells them they can’t let Fish get away or the consequences will be dire.

Fish evades one cop, then goes to play chicken with another, only to run afoul of Penguin and company, who open fire on all concerned, causing Fish to wreck the bus entirely. Penguin calls out for Strange, but is stunned when Fish presents herself. She touches him and he passes out entirely and Butch and the rest run for their lives when they also see who it is.

Gordon tells Bruce that he’s leaving town to go after Dr. Thompkins, which is what he should have done all along. Selina suggests that Gordon get her some chocolates, because, you know, girls like that stuff. He asks Bruce to break the news to Bullock, fearing the repercussions.

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Alfred arrives and asks Bruce to put this all behind them, now that Strange is under custody, but Bruce tells him they’ve only scratched the surface of what’s going on, filling him in on the secret council. Alfred isn’t thrilled to know that they’ve only gotten started with the madness.

Bullock spots Gordon trying to sneak off and calls him out. Gordon says that he’s the captain now- time to look the part and start acting like it. Gordon tells him he can handle things while he’s gone and tells him he’s going after Lee. Then, Gordon takes off in Bullock’s car- without asking permission, which doesn’t go over well with Bullock, obviously.

A street woman comes across the crashed bus and hears the wails of those inside. Taking pity on them, she unlocks the door from the outside and sets them free, only to see a host of insane-looking people file out.

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One has a big hat, suggesting the Mad Hatter, another looks to be pig-like (Professor Pyg? Or his son?), a heavy-set man in a bizarre outfit could be Big Top, and another with Troll-like hair could be the March Hare, lending credence to my Wonderland Gang theory a few episodes back.

There was also one who looked to be female and had protrusions that were decidedly porcupine-like, which looked familiar, but I’m not sure the name of what that one could be, if not the obvious: the Porcupine, or perhaps Porcupine Woman. Let me know if you recognized her down below.

But easily the most exciting ones were one with a cackling laugh that could only belong to the Joker himself; and a young, long-haired teen with a decidedly dead-on resemblance to Bruce Wayne himself, who thanks the astonished bag lady for setting them free as she cowers in fear. Emo Psycho Bruce, maybe? Bizarro Batman? (Considering there’s no such thing as Batman yet, probably not.)

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All in all, a suitably bonkers finale to a completely bonkers season. I did sort of hate to see it end, even though we’re 22 episodes deep into the season, which is pretty long by today’s standards.

Still, all of this bodes very well for the next season, which should go from the “Rise of the Villains” to the out-and-out takeover of them in Gotham in general. “Conquest of the Villains”? “Gotham Under Siege”? “The Big Villain Take-Over”? Who knows?

As much as I enjoyed this season that much more than the first one, I really can’t wait to see what “Gotham” has in store for us next. Hopefully, the next one will be even better- if not crazier. This season was a hard act to follow in that department, but I have faith in you, “Gotham.”

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What did you think of the season finale of “Gotham”? How about the season in general? What was your favorite episode? How about your favorite villain? (I have to say, I just loved B.D. Wong’s Dr. Strange, especially the way he would draw…out…his…words. He was just the best.)

How about your least favorite? Any plotlines you were disappointed in? (I wish Azrael hadn’t been so short-lived, personally, though I enjoyed it while it lasted.) Any predictions for next season or things you’d like to see? Sound off down below and see you next season!