Blindspot “Why Await Life’s End” Review (Season Finale)

Blindspot - Season Pilot

Blindspot S1 is an interesting case study, looking back on it. The show opened last September with 10.61 million viewers, and yet will most likely finish with somewhere around 5-6 million. Whether it was the winter break, the slow middle, or just the arc of the show in general, something happened over the course of the season to cut the audience in half. As such, it makes me wonder if anything beyond a S2 will happen. Moving to the troublesome 8pm slot on Wednesday night is not going to help either. While I give the network credit in perhaps thinking Blindspot doesn’t need The Voice as a lead-in, part of me wonders if this move is a way to have a better reason to cancel the show should that come to pass.

Whatever the case, I’m glad to see Jaimie Alexander and company given another chance. As I mentioned in my premiere review, there must be a certain suspension of disbelief on that of the viewer to truly enjoy the show. The overarching scenario with Jane’s identity, Daylight, and Orion should still be the meat and potatoes, with the procedural aspects still present every week to help add some variety (because I honestly don’t think the writers could handle the story being fully serialized). At the same time, it needs to follow the model more from the beginning and end of S1 than the middle. I’ve seen numerous complaints that the quality dropped halfway through. The whole situation regarding Mayfair helped pick up the pace I think, with everything coming to a crescendo with her death** (with the falling action afterwards). Jane’s arrest by Weller, and the team learning of it, will no doubt form the basis of the S2 premiere, and possibly subsequent episodes. And in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Martin Gero said we will learn Jane’s real name in the first episode back along with a lot of other details. This is a smart move, and I’m relieved it won’t drag out (though I’m sure for every answer we get, another question will pop up). I just hope he truly has a long-term outline for what he wants to happen versus flying by the seat of his pants. With a show like this, it could spin out of control real quick.

**I suppose there is a chance Mayfair could still be alive. She got shot in the gut, and for many TV shows/films, that is not fatal. Jane could have just seen her pass out from blood loss. We never actually saw the dead dead body.

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– I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a surprise that Jane is indeed NOT Taylor Shaw because I never believed that to begin with. The fake-out of the body not being under the fort in the backyard but actually at the camp site was a good touch though.

– So is Weller bringing in Jane under fraud charges then? He may think she has a connection with the framing of Mayfair (which the audience knows to be true of course), but he doesn’t have the evidence to prove that like he does with Taylor’s body (and how with that, Jane was indeed impersonating her). Patterson, Reade, and Zapata finding Mayfair’s blood could certainly change things though.

– Not only is Jane similar to Wolverine, the group she’s working for is akin to DC’s The League of Shadows. The government is corrupt, we need to tear it down and start over, yada yada yada. That made me roll my eyes, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

– The one thing I wish Jaimie Alexander would get to play with more is her sense of humor. She is such a joy to watch in Thor, and those moments of levity she can bring to a character are missed here.

– While I am bummed to lose Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Mayfair’s death definitely creates a different dynamic and power struggle, and I’m curious to see how it plays out.

– Bye Oscar. Have fun on NBC’s Midnight, Texas.

– Flashback dialogue between Jane and Oscar this episode: Oy vey that was rough. Just terribly written.

– Ashley Johnson is still may favorite of the rest of the team, but giving Rob Brown and Audrey Esparza more to do definitely helped.

A lingering question of mine: would Jane have ended up following Oscar’s plan had she not had her flashbacks (meaning the memory-wiping serum worked as it was actually supposed to)? Or do you think meeting Weller and developing a relationship with him and his team would have changed her viewpoint on the whole situation nonetheless?