‘Good Witch’ (Season 2): The Story So Far

Good Witch Season 2

Back on April 17, the family-friendly Hallmark Channel series Good Witch premiered the first episode of its second season.

Over the course of the six episodes that have aired so far, Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale has, once again, worked her magic not only on the guests who have visited her lovely and charming bed and breakfast in the heart of the quiet little town of Middleton but also on her friends and family.

But her magic doesn’t work on everyone especially not on Dr. Sam Radford’s ex-wife Linda, who laid down the law with Cassie in the Halloween 2015 episode and reinforced it in the season premiere. Linda wants Cassie to stay away from Sam because she is trying to repair her relationship with her ex-husband and son. What Linda doesn’t seem to realize is that she more of the problem than Cassie will ever be.

The other surprising development in the season premiere was the arrival of Cassie’s old college “friend” John, who recently took a job at the local university and they had an unexpected reunion. As more episodes have aired we’ve seen that John and Sam are both competing (if you will) for the heart of Cassie, but she has made it clear that she is not ready to move on in a new relationship. I do have to wonder how long Cassie will be able to hold out, though.

Where the teens (Grace and Nick) of Middleton are concerned, Grace has been learning to drive, taking lessons from Sam (instead of with her mom or older step-brother Brandon) and recently passed her test. Meanwhile, Nick had joined the school’s basketball team – more to make his parents get along rather than because of his love for the game; and now he has gotten obsessed with going to London for a semester abroad much to the chagrin of his dad.

Speaking of Brandon, he and wife Tara have been discussing the possibility of becoming parents with Tara pretty gung-ho on the whole idea while Brandon has been, well, a bit less than enthusiastic. But, as of this last episode, it would seem he has developed a new perspective on becoming parents. It will, to say the least, be interesting to see where their story goes from here.

Town mayor Martha Tinsdale has been her usual self: pushy, demanding but dedicated to the town of Middleton. But what she (and her not-often-seen husband Tom) weren’t expecting was the return of their now grown son Michael, who moved back home from California, eventually wanting to open his own business in neighboring town Blairsville. But given that he lacked any real focus (let alone a business plan) and wanted far too much money from his parents, they turned him down, making it necessary for the irresponsible young man to grow up.

In last night’s episode, we also got to see Cassie’s friend Stephanie make up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Ben thanks to an unexpected assist from Cassie’s cousin Abigail (now the town’s only florist); Grace, who is working as an intern in Sam’s office, secretly help Eve learn just how valuable she is to his practice and that John has landed a 7-figure foundation grant for an archaeological dig in the Maldives.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing stories in ‘Good Witch’? Where do you see the stories going from here? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Good Witch’ will air on the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, May 29 at 9/8c.