The Originals “The Bloody Crown” Review (Season 3 Episode 22)

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On the season finale of “The Originals,” things finally came to a head between Marcel and the Mikaelsons- but who would be left standing, if anyone? In tonight’s episode, we found out the price to be paid for wearing “The Bloody Crown.”

We began essentially where we left off, with Marcel, thought to be dead by the Mikaelsons, waking up underwater after his tumble off the bridge in the last episode. As he awakens, his life literally flashes before his eyes, as we see glimpses of his past with the Mikaelsons dating back to his childhood.

We also see that Elijah and Hayley have indeed consummated their relationship with one another, finally- which, on a show like this, can’t be good- for long, anyway. We also see Klaus bonding with Hope, which doesn’t exactly bode well for him, either, as it feels a lot like a goodbye in the making.

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Elijah comes in eventually, to apologize to Klaus for taking matters into his own hands and basically making a Klaus move of things by reacting harshly and “killing” Marcel. Freya, though, is not so easily convinced they are, if you’ll excuse the expression, out of the water yet, whether Marcel is or not.

She does a spell to that end, only to find that a massive amount of their enemies are descending upon New Orleans, as they speak, so she’s certainly not wrong. Vincent also notices the uptick in the vamp population and tracks down Marcel to ask him how he’s going to handle this new wrinkle.

Marcel vows to get his revenge upon the Mikaelsons, but to also maintain the peace while doing so. Vincent says he’ll do his part with the witches, but he remains skeptical that Marcel can keep a lid on anything, least of all with all this new power at his disposal. He’s wary of an all-out war breaking out, and he’s not wrong to be.

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Sure enough, in no time, vamps descend upon the Mikaelson compound, where one of them manages to poison Freya in short order, while the rest surround and corner everyone else. Marcel proves to be the ringleader, having found a way around the boundary spell they had protecting them up until this point.

Klaus requests an audience with Marcel, though Elijah accepts responsibility for the current situation. Kol naturally wants to stop screwing around and start fighting. Hayley kills a couple of vampires in Freya’s room and absconds with her to relative safety, with Freya convinced that the day of reckoning of Lucien’s prophecy has come. Hayley says she has an idea of how they might get out of this alive, but they need to buy some time.

Meanwhile, Vincent calls an emergency meeting of the witches to try and calm them down about the recent influx of vampires. They are none too happy about the fact that they have been cut off from their central source of power, their connection with the Ancestors, and worried for their overall safety. He does his best to reassure them, but it’s not going great.

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Detective Kinney shows up and tells Vincent he needs to show him something. It proves to be a slaughter at the gym, where a bunch of Strix vamps have been killed en masse, likely by Marcel and his cadre of vampires. This does not sit well with Vincent, who fears Marcel to have gone completely off the reservation at this point.

Kol makes the mistake of invoking Davina’s name, which sets off the fighting at the Mikaelson compound in short order. In no time, Kol is bitten by Marcel and tossed aside, followed by Elijah, which we know to be fatal for both of them unless Freya and Hayley can come up with some alternate solution. Marcel is about to add Klaus to the list when Rebekah arrives at the last second to stop him.

Hayley and Freya use this brief period of time to sneak out of the compound, with Hope in tow, as well as the already essentially doomed Kol and Elijah, and they all head to Lucien’s former penthouse. Rebekah buys all concerned some time by requesting to talk to Marcel for a moment, but knows that her time is limited as well, as her mark from the cursed stake Aya used on her will cause her to go completely insane sooner than later.

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Rebekah tells Marcel she knows she can’t defend her family’s actions, and doesn’t expect him to listen to her when she asks him to spare them, but asks him if they could at least come to some understanding by his curing them from outright death. Marcel says there is no cure- Elijah and Kol are as good as dead, and Klaus will be soon.

Klaus has also joined everyone at Lucien’s, where Elijah begs him to look after Hayley and Rebekah in his wake, which Klaus promises to do. Elijah naturally blames himself for everything that’s happened, and doesn’t even want Klaus to avenge them to Marcel- he wants him to find a way to stop him without killing him, wanting what’s best for the family.

As Marcel’s vampire army trash the Mikaelson compound completely, Rebekah manages to get Klaus some semblance of a reprieve in the form of a trial by a jury of his peers, to answer for his sins and determine his ultimate fate. Klaus agrees to do so to buy them all some time and stall until Freya can execute Hayley’s plan, with Hayley refusing to leave town until they do, though she does agree to stay behind at Lucien’s to look after Hope.

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Klaus turns himself in to Marcel, with Rebekah saying his ultimate goal is to stay alive somehow and not get himself bitten by Marcel, while at the same time, she has to keep from flying completely off the handle, Aurora-style, thanks to the mark on her skin. It won’t be a walk in the park, as most of the vampires were sired by Klaus and actively want to see him dead.

Marcel points out some of the many examples of Klaus’ treachery over the years, and none of it is good, and lot of it is especially twisted and needlessly cruel. Klaus didn’t just turn a lot of these vampires, he tormented them and their families, often slaughtering their loved ones en masse in especially gruesome and inventively horrific ways- sometimes at the hands of the vampires themselves, which could have been avoided if Klaus had simply killed them outright instead of turning them.

Klaus makes no apologies, saying it was all to make people fear him and his family and keep their distance- and it obviously worked, as they had stayed alive all these years. Rebekah speaks on his behalf, pointing out that Klaus hasn’t done anything they themselves haven’t done over the years in a quest for power and on behalf of their own loved ones, but Marcel isn’t so easily swayed, pointing out that Klaus has wronged her more than damn near anyone else.

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Unfortunately for Rebekah- to say nothing of Klaus- her mark begins to flare up, causing her to see Marcel’s point. Klaus has daggered her and her family, banished Rebekah from New Orleans, consistently interfered with her happiness with Marcel…she realizes few, if any, have suffered more than she has at his hands and admits that he destroys everything he touches. She says that death is actually too good for him- he should suffer like his victims have, not get off so easy.

Marcel says it’s time to make a decision about Klaus’ fate once and for all. As all this is going on, Kol is getting worse, at one point trying to attack Hayley, which Elijah is just barely able to stop. Now, Elijah is losing control as well, not boding well for Hayley’s immediate future. He makes her promise to leave town if Klaus is bitten as well or is outright killed, which she agrees to do.

Klaus demands the right to speak on his behalf, trying to buy a little more time. He points out that it’s ridiculous that they are all upset about Davina when she actively conspired against them, Marcel included. He doesn’t deny his actions, he revels in them, saying that the immortality he bestowed upon them all was a gift and if anything, they should be thanking him.

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Besides, as he points out, there’s literally nothing they can do to him that’s worse that what he’s already done to them, even death, so go ahead and kill him if that’s what they want- he welcomes it, after all this time. Rebekah once again requests to let him suffer a slow, painful death- that a quick one is more than he deserves.

Marcel agrees and says that Klaus’ fate should be worse than death and presents to them the dreaded Tunde blade. In the name of the many he has killed, Marcel plunges the blade into Klaus, but doesn’t kill him. Rebekah calls Freya to tell them she postponed the inevitable for the foreseeable future, but that it’s only a matter of time before she loses control completely.

All concerned, save Klaus, convene at Lucien’s and Freya does her spell, using Rebekah’s blood in lieu of her. Everyone passes out, save Hayley, who assembles them all in coffins and puts them in a moving truck, along with Rebekah, to leave town and get them all out of harm’s way, along with Hope.

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Vincent pays Marcel a visit, informing him that he will be taking over the gym and making it into a sort of sanctuary/safe-house for anyone who needs it, regardless of whether they are human or supernatural alike. Vincent points out that he doesn’t think Marcel will be any better a leader than the Mikaelsons, saying that he’s already courting outright war as it is and doesn’t care who gets hurt in his quest for power.

We hear a note that Klaus left behind for Hope in which he tells her how he made the ultimate sacrifice for his family, living in agony so that they may remain relatively safe while Freya works on a cure for Marcel’s bite, and we discover that Klaus has made himself into an anchor for the rest of his family, who are inside the Chambre de Chasse, the magical construct that allows them to exist on another plane without suffering.

So long as Klaus remains alive, so will all of his family, and indeed, as we see, Marcel has no intentions of killing him, as the last we see of Klaus he is being walled up, much like Aurora, inside an undisclosed location, possibly on the Mikaelsons’ own grounds. Of course, being still alive, and with the Tunde blade still inside him, he will continue to suffer endlessly until such time as Freya finds a cure- if she finds one.

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That is where we leave things, and as we found out just this week, for some time at that, as the show will not be returning in the fall, and will instead be postponed until next Spring as a mid-season replacement for whatever they put on Friday in its stead, which I believe is “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” of all things- which seems like an odd match for “The Vampire Diaries,” but whatever. I’m just glad “The Originals” will be back, period.

All in all, I would have to say I’m very happy with the overall season of “The Originals.” It was quite unpredictable, there were a host of casualties, many of them unexpected (i.e. both Cami and Davina back-to-back) but even the others were well-executed, as it were, notably Lucien, Aurora and Tristan. Actually, technically, the last two aren’t “dead” per se, but effectively neutralized, so I suppose it’s possible they could be brought back eventually.

I would also have to say that I enjoyed this season of “The Originals” much more than the current season of “The Vampire Diaries,” which was all kinds of erratic and dubiously-plotted. I don’t know how one show can go so far off the rails and the other remain relatively fresh, but I suppose it has something to do with “The Originals” being a newer show, and thus, not as stale as its sister show.

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Hopefully, “TVD” will come back strong next season, which may prove to be its last, as the announcements that stars Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder are leaving doesn’t bode well for its future. I imagine that means “The Originals” might not be long for the CW either, but maybe they can pull it out if they have an especially strong season.

As I assume the mid-season gambit will make for a shorter season, maybe that’s just what the show needs to eke out another season, so who knows? Here’s hoping it will also come back strong and prolong the inevitable one more time, as I really dig “The Originals” overall. It’s just the better show of the two, IMHO. We’ll see.

Until then, let me know what you thought of the finale and the current season overall and what you would like to see next season, if anything. Hopefully, I’ll be back early next year for another round of reviews, as well as for “The Vampire Diaries” next season, for better or for worse, so I’ll see you then!