Grimm “Beginning of the End, Parts 1 and 2” Review (Season 5, Episodes 21 and 22) [Season Finale]

Beginning of the End

The NBC fairytale drama Grimm came to a bloody conclusion last night with a two-hour finale that found loss on both sides: Wesen and humans alike.

The episode started out with the announcement that Captain Sean Renard won his bid for the mayoral seat, much to the chagrin of those not in support of the man, including “the love of his life” (that would be Adalind for those of you needing to be updated), who clearly told him that she didn’t vote for him (probably one of the best lines of the night, right?)

There was also the revelation provided by Hank’s ‘girlfriend’ Zuri about Bonaparte, a name for which Meisner recognized. Hadrian’s Wall finally had a face and name of the head of Black Claw, but how to stop him was the bigger question.

To make matters worse, Hank was arrested after two dead bodies (members of Black Claw who Nick actually killed) were found inside his home. How ironic, right? Those dead bodies were obviously a plant – but to what end? Needless to say, Hank was arrested by detectives from North Precinct. Unfortunately, though, he wasn’t taken to their precinct – oh no! He was taken by the detectives – who were in fact Wesen – to a farm house in the country with ties to the pick-up truck that had been parked outside of Rosalee and Monroe’s house.

What exactly did Black Claw plan to do with Hank and why were they staking out Rosalee and Monroe’s house? The answer eventually became clear that Bonaparte and Black Claw wanted the Grimm ancestry book and they were going to do whatever it took to get it. That included tricking Nick and the Scooby gang to go looking for Hank at the farmhouse while they took at the HW compound.

That fight was bloody to say the least, but not the only bloody fight to be featured in this episode (more on that shortly). HW was basically decimated, including Meisner who was taken down by Bonaparte (I really hate this guy!) and was shot by Renard (out of sense of compassion for the man, go figure?!).

The other bloody fights in the episode were the smackdown between Renard and Nick that landed Nick in a jail cell and eventually at the North Precinct – where it turned out all of the cops there were Wesen; the North Precinct where Nick and the Scooby gang took on all the Wesen cops AND Bonaparte and then at Nick’s hide-out where the final battle went down between Nick and Black Claw as the rest of the Scooby gang tried to find a way out via the mysterious tunnel.

In the end, our team was separated with Nick facing down Renard, who actually killed Bonaparte thanks to Diana’s powers forcing him to do so; Nick and Wu heading off in one direction in the tunnels to find a way out while Rosalee and Monroe went in the other; oh and Eve/Juliette and Trubel were holding ground in the tunnels in case any of Black Claw got passed Nick. Great way to leave us hanging, right?

How about the other major plot points, though? Rosalee is pregnant (YAY!!) and she broke the news to Monroe as they were desperately trying to find a way out of the tunnel, Diana killed Rachel (YIKES!) [even though we all really hated her, right?!] and Mr. Pointy saved Eve’s life (after she was wounded in her fight with Bonaparte) only to cause her to have a seizure and maybe (somehow) start transforming back into Juliette AND saved Nick from several gunshots to the chest.

My head is really spinning, isn’t yours?

What did you think of the fifth season finale of ‘Grimm’? What do you think will happen next year? Will Nick and Renard fight? What will become of Black Claw and HW now that Bonaparte is dead? What would you like to see happen next? Please share your thoughts below.

‘Grimm’ will be back for a sixth season on NBC sometime this fall.