The Blacklist “Alexander Kirk (No. 14): Conclusion” Review (Season 3, Episode 23) [Season Finale]

Tom and Agnes

For weeks now viewers of The Blacklist have been under the impression that FBI Agent Elizabeth “Liz” Keen died of complications from the birth of her baby daughter Agnes. From the very moment that it was revealed that Liz was dead, I kept expecting it to be a fake out, but as each moment passed and each new episode aired, that firm belief that it wasn’t real faded more and more.

I should have stuck to my first thought – that there was NO WAY that Elizabeth Keen could be dead. There was no way that the powers that be behind the show would allow that to happen. Because – SPOILER ALERT!!!! – I was f’ing right that LIZ IS NOT DEAD!!!

And how about that twist surprise that not only was Tom in on the con – that had everyone at the FBI, the viewers and, most of all, Raymond “Red” Reddington on the edge of their seats believing it all was way too real – but also that Mr. Kaplan – basically Red’s right-hand woman next to Dembe – was the prime perpetrator of the con.

Her reason: she didn’t want Agnes to be at the mercy of Red the way that Liz was.

And, it almost worked…except it didn’t!!

Much to the surprise of everyone, Tom agreed to allow Reddington to help keep Agnes safe with Mr. Kaplan safe in tow acting as one of the guard dogs (nice how that worked out, huh?). And during a rather unusual visit to the grocery store, Tom snuck out on his bodyguards (including Mr. Kaplan – great ruse on her part, I must say). He then skipped off to Cuba where he met up with the so NOT dead Liz. They thought, for sure, that they were finally free of everyone, but that was not the case at all.

Alexander Kirk – who was ultimately the man behind the hit on Liz – was hot on their trail thanks to the assistance of a hired gun. But if he wanted Liz dead, why weren’t their dead bodies in the house where Liz and Tom were seemingly going to call their new home? Didn’t he want Liz dead?

As it turned out, it would seem everyone had it wrong about Alexander Kirk especially given how that final scene played out. Alexander Kirk wasn’t always Alexander Kirk; and he had been waiting 25 years for his moment with Liz. And, just before he said those three little words – it hit me just who he was. He was her father!!! And his real name was Constantine Rostov.


What a way to end the season, right? Did any of you see ANY of that coming? Especially Liz being alive; that Tom and Mr. Kaplan were in on the fake out; that Kirk was really Liz’s dad and that anyone could get anything over on Red? So, tell me your thoughts on this whole complicated story. Overall, what are your thoughts about this season? Please share your thoughts below.

‘The Blacklist’ will return for a fourth season on NBC sometime this fall.