‘The 100’ (Season 3): Clarke vs. Alie

The 100 -- "Perverse Instantiation - Part Two"

The time had come for a showdown on the season finale of The 100 last night on The CW. It was Clarke Griffith standing up for what was left of the free-thinking humans on a post-apocalyptic Earth against the terrifying artificial intelligence known as Alie.

With nothing else left to lose, Clarke devised a very risky plot to gain access to the City of Light – the “afterlife” (if you will) location where Alie was taking everyone on Earth in her attempt to follow her programmed mandate. Since she is an AI she saw what she was doing to the Sky People and the Grounders as the only way to save them, but she was not only taking away their pain and memories, but also taking away their free will.

Clarke’s plan was to use what the Mountain Men had been doing to the Sky People in order to save their own – using the blood of the Sky People to immunize the Mountain Men people against the after effects of the radiation that nearly destroyed Earth. This time around, Clarke was going to use the night blood infused within the brain-dead body of Ontari in order to take on the flame – the apparatus placed on the back of the neck of each Commander – without frying her mind (without the night blood the flame would kill her instantly).

To make matters even more dire, Clarke was going to take the dreaded chip that turned nearly everyone on Earth into the futuristic version of the Stepford Wives. It was the only way she was going to be able to get into the City of Light in order to find the kill switch that will effectively turn off Alie and hopefully save all those affected by the chip.

At first it seemed that Clarke was going to be able to get through the City of Life undetected, but Alie being the advanced AI that “she” was, she figured out that Clarke was there and set all of her minions on her. But – surprise, surprise – Lexa, the former Commander of the Grounders showed up just in time, saving Clarke. It was great to see Lexa again given the harsh way in which she lost her life; and even better that she got to help Clarke bring down Alie.

The battle between Alie and Clarke wasn’t a bloody one but one more of mind over matter. Despite every effort made by Alie to reason with Clarke, Clarke pulled the kill switch – even after she learned that the remaining nuclear plants on the Earth were imploding and that there would only be 6 months left before the Earth was inhabitable for good.

Where does this leave all those on planet Earth now? Will there be a way for them to stop this new Armageddon? Or is it too late? Is there any hope for the Sky People and the Grounders to survive this nuclear holocaust that awaits them? What do you think will happen next season? Oh, and what did you think of that last scene with Octavia finally taking down Pike for what he did to Lincoln? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

‘The 100’ will return for a fourth season on The CW but not until mid-season of the 2016-2017 TV season.