Bones “The Strike in the Chord” Review (Season 11 Episode 16)

Bones Chord

This week’s episode of Bones played out much like scenes from Pitch Perfect and Glee following the murder of Scott Hill, a director of Lynwood University’s a Capella group, the Whippersnaps. We also learned that Aubrey sang a Capella in college and was part of a group!

The whole case was comical and surreal as certain members of the group quickly rose to suspect status. Julian and Ted, two members who were both up for the role of director where briefly in the hot seat, but after the evidence doesn’t add up the two are cleared. We also got to meet the rival female team to the Whippersnaps – the Gingersnaps!

In the end, we find out that it was Scott’s roommate who killed him. Scott had stolen his roommate’s anxiety medication. After he suffered from a panic attack and didn’t have any, which resulted in him losing his fellowship, he killed Scott accidentally when he threw a piece of meteorite at him. Scott reacted by grabbing a nearby bookshelf that ended up falling on him.

In Other Happenings

Sammy the squint was released from duty after Brennan and the team discovered that she missed some key evidence. Has this ever happened before?

Hodgins is working his way back to normalcy and begins looking into a risky, experimental surgery that Angela is not too keen about. The two finally agree that Hodgins shouldn’t go through with it.

We also here about the long lost Parker. Wow, time flies. He is already headed to Oxford for a special program.

And saving the best for last, we see Booth invite the crew over so they can all watch Aubrey sing in a video of the 2001 National College A Cappella Championship that Booth secured!